How to choose the best AWS EC2 backup strategy for you

The benefits and flexibility associated with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services are well known. But when it comes to putting a backup strategy together, having so many methods available it can be difficult to determine which solution best fits your company’s needs.

This whitepaper from CloudRanger examines the most common EC2 backup strategies so you can better identify which option is right for you.

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Information governance: Exposing the real cost of data discovery

Nearly 90% of respondents to a survey by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer indicated that “access to data is critical to being competitive in their industry.”

The key business value in data is being able to find that email from months ago that captured the customer requirements for the job that is breaking ground today. Yet, when you need to find something, it’s never as easy as it should be.

This whitepaper from Veritas discusses the key facets to a data discovery strategy, why bigger is not always better, and the top four capabilities required to reduce data discovery costs.

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Why digital transformation depends on enterprise data management

Whether it is mobilising the workforce, creating online customer experiences, enabling electronic supply chains, or providing real-time access to medical records or financial statements, the role of IT as a business enabler has never been more critical.

However, most organisations today are not managing their data as a strategic asset. This whitepaper from Veritas assesses the implications for the digital business, a new foundation with enterprise data management, and how Veritas approaches data management for its customers.


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Disaster recovery, Game of Thrones style: Is your enterprise ready?

You don’t have to be an expert on the bestselling George R.R. Martin series to understand why the Game of Thrones saga is relevant to disaster recovery. The series’ beleaguered continent, Westeros, is much like a troubled enterprise – near-constant turmoil, management pressure, and the continued threat of disaster.

Like any enterprise or organisation, Westeros is endangered by a lack of continuity and poor disaster recovery plans. The inhabitants of Westeros have much to teach anyone who’s interested in business continuity and data recovery. This paper from Unitrends will explore why disaster recovery should become a priority for your enterprise – with the help of a few of the most memorable characters from Game of Thrones.

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Drowning in data: How to back up more than you can handle

You have an insurmountable volume of data with backup requirements that just aren’t realistic. So how can you stay afloat but also get to a point where backing up everything that’s required is not only possible, but is actually feasible?

This whitepaper download from Unitrends focuses on three basic blocking and tackling steps that will aim to bring some order to your backup chaos.

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Escape all limitations: Cloud disaster recovery best practices

Are you confident knowing that the backup and recovery solution protecting your business-critical operations will hold up no matter the disaster – or not?

What constitutes a sound disaster recovery technology strategy? Does one size fit all? Is virtual a more reliable choice than physical backups, or is it the other way around?

Find out how much you really know about planning for the unforeseen in this whitepaper from Unitrends.

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