How to choose the best AWS EC2 backup strategy for you

The benefits and flexibility associated with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services are well known. But when it comes to putting a backup strategy together, having so many methods available it can be difficult to determine which solution best fits your company’s needs.

This whitepaper from CloudRanger examines the most common EC2 backup strategies so you can better identify which option is right for you.

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Keep EC2 instances secure through Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

For AWS customers using the Shared Responsibility Model, organisations are responsible for the configuration that they implement to ensure their compute instances – and the assets within them – are secure.

This paper from Amazon Web Services examines how to detect vulnerabilities in your EC2 instances, protect them from attacks, and how to respond to intrusion or attacks against your EC2 instances.

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How AWS Marketplace helps organisations get to grips with predictive maintenance

For large industries such as oil and gas, industrial automation, and healthcare, minimising unplanned maintenance of systems to ensure maximum output of workers is key.

This paper from Amazon Web Services outlines the importance of predictive maintenance to major industries, an example of predictive versus reactive maintenance, and how AWS Marketplace can help.

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Optimising branch office connectivity to applications hosted on AWS

Delivering predictable, high-performing application access to your branch offices is not an easy task. As a result, many organisations adopt a hybrid network architecture in order to capitalise on scale, flexibility and performance benefits – and optimise connectivity when and where it is needed.

In this paper from Amazon Web Services, you can learn how to connect your network to AWS, either through provisioning an AWS managed VPN, through private circuit connectivity with AWS Direct Connect, or enabling third-party networking software on your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for VPN.

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