Private vs public cloud: Blood, sweat and tears

In the debate surrounding which type of cloud is superior, there are those promoting the old-school dedicated private cloud, and others taking the side of the public cloud, while in between are the neturals, who see a hybrid approach as being best. So what is the answer? In this paper from Telecity and 451 Research, read how it all comes down to blood, sweat and tears.


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Transforming enterprise productivity with hybrid IT

In case you didn’t get the message, hybrid IT has arrived. We are living in a new business environment where mobile devices connect to cloud computing and legacy IT infrastructure.

Yet hybrid IT is not without its challenges. IT leaders must monitor this business paradigm shift in the years ahead and embrace the change in order to harness its full potential. This resource from Pulse Secure examines the risks, the challenges, and the opportunities to transform enterprise productivity.

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The journey to the hybrid cloud: Usage trends and business benefits

Cloud adoption continues to expand beyond the base of cutting-edge early adopters and is now reaching the ‘early mainstream’ stage, increasingly being looked at by enterprises as a viable model for agile, cost-effective IT delivery. However, the prevailing binary paradigm of cloud infrastructure – public vs private – limits the extent to which enterprises can fully leverage both sides of the equation.

Hybrid cloud solves this problem. In this download from VMware, find out deployment and usage trends, as well as the business benefits hybrid cloud provides.

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