Why IT needs oversight if digital investment is to succeed

Every CEO working today pays lip service to digital – but how many really get it, and how many are creating the conditions for their organisation to succeed with its digital transformation?

The people perhaps best positioned to understand the transformative power of digital are chief information officers (CIOs) and business technology leaders. But the world of IT procurement, provisioning and consumption has changed.

This whitepaper, from CIO UK alongside Snow Software, examines the ‘disruption gap’ between business unit technology spend, and the concerns of the central IT team to re-architect the business for digital and to free resources for innovation by reigning in overspend through duplication, missed opportunities for volume purchasing, and shelfware.

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The CIO's strategy guide to securing the cloud

The move from server-based to service-based thinking is changing the way traditional IT departments design and deliver the technology that supports their businesses.

Yet there are obstacles standing in the way of blanket take up of the cloud. Integrating apps like Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox and a whole raft of SaaS offerings with an on-premise network means the cloud blurs traditional corporate IT boundaries.

This whitepaper from CensorNet is a playbook for CIOs examining the risks you could come up against and pointers for managing security risks in the cloud.

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Tame the IT bear: The key to digital transformation

From ensuring that data remains secure, or that services are available to customers and end-users, the IT department must keep a tight grip on its infrastructure in order to guarantee that evrything runs smoothly. The CIO and their team have a central role to play in the success of their business - and this whitepaper from Sungard AS examines the new role and what has to be done from here.

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Why next-generation data centre technology is needed to adopt service-centric IT delivery

Cloud computing has been hyped as breaking down the silos that IT has built up over the years, but in reality, new silos are created unless cloud computing is integrated into an IT architecture. The current battle is over whether organisations go for public cloud services, or develop private cloud services by reusing existing infrastructure and adding new capabilities to deliver these services in a cloud-like way.

This download from Dimension Data examines the challenges CIOs are facing, and assesses the readiness of the enterprise to adopt a service-centric approach to IT.

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