Optimising branch office connectivity to applications hosted on AWS

Delivering predictable, high-performing application access to your branch offices is not an easy task. As a result, many organisations adopt a hybrid network architecture in order to capitalise on scale, flexibility and performance benefits – and optimise connectivity when and where it is needed.

In this paper from Amazon Web Services, you can learn how to connect your network to AWS, either through provisioning an AWS managed VPN, through private circuit connectivity with AWS Direct Connect, or enabling third-party networking software on your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for VPN.

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The definitive guide to architecturing end-user computing solutions (Deutsch)

Without a stable, highly available and high performance infrastructure underlying the design of your end user computing (EUC) services and applications, IT will face a number of challenges during the deployment and operational phases of the project.

This whitepaper from Nutanix examines the key factors that should be considered in the EUC infrastructure design process, and why architects and engineers need to be focused on providing EUC services and applications rather than managing the plumbing.

Note: this paper is in German. If you would like to request an English language copy, contact editorial@techforge.pub.

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The definitive guide to enterprise apps on hyperconverged infrastructure

Despite a seemingly continuous stream of enhancements in IT hardware and software, the application challenges faced by data centre infrastructure teams continue to mount. Because each enterprise application has unique requirements for performance, availability, scalability and management, the IT infrastructure needed to meet the collective needs of all your applications can be both complex and expensive.

Hence the introduction of hyperconvergence and invisible infrastructure; this extensive, 35 page report from Nutanix examines a fundamentally different approach to enterprise application needs.

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