Successful cloud computing: 5 key aspects you need to consider e-book

Find answers to your questions and useful tips to implement – all in a comprehensive ebook about successful cloud computing adoption.

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To stay competitive and successful in today’s fast-paced world, leveraging cloud computing becomes a necessity. In Future Processing’s ebook, you will find five chapters tackling different sides of this technological challenge:

  • Cloud computing trends – an overview of what cloud computing really is, types of cloud services and their top uses and benefits
  • Cloud security – one of the most important aspects of cloud computing described in great detail, allowing you to fully understand the risks and challenges of cloud security and the importance of a comprehensive cloud security strategy for every organisation
  • The costs of cloud migration / ROI – all about the financial aspects of your cloud computing endeavour – the reality of cloud migration expenses that needs to be considered and tips on how to save on your costs
  • Avoiding common problems – describing the main issues you may have while implementing cloud computing in your organisation and some useful practical tips on how to avoid the problems from the very start
  • Choosing your partner – what to do to find the best cloud computing consultant and cloud services provider that fit your organisation’s specific needs
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