Webinar with IBM – Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to Drive Sustainable Business Operations

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About The Webinar

Industrial companies around the world are struggling to gain greater control of their operations to optimize production, reduce expenditures and deploy a strategy to become more sustainable. They are seeing better asset management and the use of cloud infrastructure as the way to reduce their physical and digital carbon footprint. 

Join IBM and AWS to explore use-cases for operationalizing sustainability and managing improvement projects on environmentally critical assets and workflows with a full-spectrum asset management platform. Learn how a hybrid cloud architecture enables flexibility across any deployment option. Enabling customers to deploy a full-featured advanced performance management solution with ease, enabling AI and mobile technologies with reduced operational costs.

Speakers include

IBM: Scott Campbell – Maximo Application Suite

IBM: Ishan Sehgal – Program Director, Product Management

AWS: Mark Brown – Partner Solution Architect

TechForge Media: Duncan MacRae – Chief Editor, (Moderator)

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