On-Demand Webinar: Digital Employee Experience for Dummies® – The Right Strategy for the Future of Work

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We think there’s a smarter way to work.

Imagine a world where employees receive the exact hardware and software that fits their unique needs. Where they feel energized and liberated from digital distractions and barriers. A world where IT doesn’t have to spend all its time managing incidents, but instead it can focus on creative R&D projects. Where other departments come to IT to help identify their own excess spending, rather than the other way around. And where businesses can better impact retention, customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and profits.

That world doesn’t exist in some fiction book – it’s real and it starts with your IT department.

Join us in this exclusive webinar on Digital Employee Experience For Dummies®, a Wiley & Sons publication in partnership with Nexthink. We’ll cover the steps needed for your IT department to implement a smart Digital Employee Experience (DEX) strategy that’s fit for the 21st century.

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• Help employees feel energized and liberated from digital barriers
• Proactively catch and solve incidents before they negatively impact employees
• Empower IT teams to spend more time on creative R&D projects
• Improve the flexibility, retention, environmental sustainability, and profit outlook of the business

Session speakers include:

Tim Flower – Director Business Transformation – Nexthink

Konstantin Denishev – Head of Workplace Technology – TSB

Geoffrey Wright – Global Solutions Owner – Mondelez International

Fin Strathern – Moderator & Editor – TechForge Media

To watch this session on-demand, please complete the form to the right

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