On-demand Webinar with Teleport: Trustless Infrastructure – Securing Critical Assets

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About The Webinar

The global pandemic and push for remote work are putting companies’ IT infrastructures at greater risk than before. This risk grows as infrastructure is scaled, and more people gain access to highly sensitive data, such as access keys to a valuable password vault. Another vulnerability is the use of passwords since they can also be compromised. To overcome these risks and protect critical infrastructure, the implementation of a zero-trust access solution is needed. But how can we accomplish that without slowing down engineers or adding administrative overhead?

Teleport helps companies achieve a trustless architecture in multiple ways. Access becomes more secure when passwords, secrets, and keys are replaced with the use of short-lived certificates.  Also, kernel-level auditing is provided which adds a high level of accountability and alert and response capability.

Speakers include

Teleport Blake Brown, Solutions Engineer

TechForge Media – Stephen Downing, Group Operations Manager

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