Console Connect and Vultr collaborate to deliver on-demand cloud access worldwide

Console Connect, a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, and Vultr, a privately held cloud computing company, have formed a global collaboration that enables businesses to establish their own private, dedicated link between Vultr and the Console Connect platform, improving network security and connectivity for mission-critical applications and workloads.

Today, Vultr is integrated with the Console Connect platform in multiple regions, enabling businesses to directly connect to...

J. J. Kardwell, CEO, Constant: On building Vultr, the independent cloud


Vultr is an independent cloud that offers cloud compute and cloud storage through its twenty global data centre locations across five continents.

Independent clouds like Vultr, created by parent company Constant, are competing for the 30% of the cloud market not owned by Big Tech firms such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

Vultr offers a simple, straightforward experience and pricing model that makes high-performance cloud computing accessible to even the smallest of...

Leaving Silicon Valley’s lions for Vultr


I’ve been working and living in Silicon Valley since 2002. At age 21, I joined Oracle as a software engineer. When I met Larry Ellison atop one of the now dormant Oracle towers, he was actually quite friendly, at least to me and some fellow interns.

At 24, I joined a wiki startup called JotSpot, in large part to work with its founders, who had previously created the once-popular Excite search engine. I had an absolute blast working with the...