Australia commits $2 billion to partner with Amazon for building a secure intelligence cloud

Australia commits $2 billion to partner with Amazon for building a secure intelligence cloud

The Australian Government has disclosed plans to establish a highly secure cloud service for its intelligence agencies in a $2 billion partnership with US technology firm Amazon.

This advanced platform, scheduled for completion by the end of the decade, is designed to boost information-sharing capabilities within Australia's security sector.

The Guardian reported that deputy prime minister Richard Marles recently unveiled this significant investment, highlighting its...

European organisations demand fair EU cybersecurity practices for big tech

European organisations demand fair EU cybersecurity practices for big tech

The cloud computing sector in Europe is under considerable regulatory review at the moment, particularly around the proposed cybersecurity certification scheme (EUCS) for cloud services, which is a major topic of industry conversations.

Reuters has reported that this initiative has triggered discussions among stakeholders about how it might affect leading cloud service providers, as well as broader issues like data sovereignty and competitive dynamics in the...

Accenture to snap up CLIMB to expand technology capabilities

Professional services firm Accenture has agreed to acquire CLIMB, a technology services provider specialising in system integration, IT infrastructure management and operations, primarily in Gunma, Japan.

The acquisition of CLIMB brings more critical skills for global organisations in Japan to navigate technology change.

In particular, CLIMB's expertise will accelerate application and infrastructure modernisation services for financial institutions and government...

Why companies continue to struggle with cloud visibility – and code vulnerabilities

A new report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has thrown up more difficulties organisations are facing in security remediation – and achieving visibility from code to cloud.

The report, produced in collaboration with security firm Dazz, polled just over 2,000 IT and security professionals to better understand current cloud environments and security tools. The results were less than confident.

Less than a quarter (23%) of organisations polled reported full...

IT leaders are choosing hybrid cloud strategies due to flexibility, cost-effectiveness and security 

25% of organisations surveyed in the UK have already moved half or more of their cloud based-workloads back to on-premises infrastructures, or are considering doing so, in a phenomenon known as cloud repatriation.

This is according to a recent study by Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group, in which 350 IT leaders were questioned on their current hybrid cloud strategies. The survey showed that 93% of respondents had been involved with a cloud repatriation project in the...

Delinea acquires Authomize to strengthen access management

A graphic of a padlock.

Delinea, a provider of solutions that seamlessly extend Privileged Access Management (PAM), has acquired Authomize, an innovator in the detection and elimination of identity-based threats across the cloud.

The continuous discovery and visibility capabilities of Authomize, married with Delinea’s industry-leading SaaS solutions for PAM, will extend the Delinea Platform’s reach for comprehensive privileged controls in the cloud while expanding its role to provide a strong...

VMware launches developer, data and security services for sovereign clouds

VMware has unveiled innovations and technology partnerships that it says help accelerate sovereign digital innovation and enhance security for customers around the world.

Today, more than 50 VMware Sovereign Cloud providers in 33 countries are part of a powerful, interconnected, and diverse ecosystem that supports customers’ sovereign cloud requirements. Together, VMware and VMware Sovereign Cloud partners are helping organizations unlock the innovative power of their data...

Only 24% of enterprises know where cloud apps are and who has access

Identity orchestration company Strata Identity has announced the findings of its third annual State of Multi-Cloud Identity Report, conducted by Osterman Research.

The study surveyed 308 IT leaders and decision makers at North American organisations with annual revenues of US$100 million or more on their challenges and priorities for identity management in multi-cloud environments.

According to the report, the percentage of organisations using a single cloud identity...

How cloud-based solutions are shaping the future of access control tech

The development and implementation of managed access control systems remains one of the most important aspects of physical security for most modern organisations, with reports finding the global access control and authentication market to be growing at a CAGR of 11.4% to reach a total market size of $37.2 billion by 2032. But these figures may not illustrate the full picture.

Though physical access control systems continue to be popularly utilised by organisations of all sizes,...

Ermetic releases CNAPPgoat open source project for assessing multi cloud security

A graphic of a padlock.

Ermetic, a cloud infrastructure security company, has launched CNAPPgoat, an open source project that allows organisations to safely test their cloud security skills, processes, tools and posture in interactive sandbox environments that are easy to deploy and destroy.

CNAPPgoat supports AWS, Azure and GCP platforms for assessing the security capabilities included in Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).  

Unlike projects that illustrate...