CoinTelegraph: How DePIN will change the cloud computing game

CoinTelegraph: How DePIN will change the cloud computing game

The cloud computing sector has been on an impressive growth trajectory, with projections suggesting its market capitalisation will quadruple to a staggering $2.3 trillion by 2032.

However, this rapid expansion comes with its own set of challenges. The market's concentration among a few major players like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud poses significant risks. A systemic failure of any of these giants could have far-reaching consequences for companies and individuals worldwide, as...

Silicon Valley’s moral crossroads: Project Nimbus sparks rebellion

The funding for Project Nimbus has got a wider swathe of tech workers and students rallied in opposition. Source: Unsplash

In a surge of activism highlighting the moral quagmire inside big tech, students and workers at Google and Amazon are coming together to protest their employers for becoming embroiled in a $1.2 billion dollar surveillance system development project for the Israeli government dubbed Project Nimbus. The project - which is believed to have included top-tier cloud and AI services - was highly controversial, sparking protests and strikes against what protestors reportedly feared might be used to...

European organisations demand fair EU cybersecurity practices for big tech

European organisations demand fair EU cybersecurity practices for big tech

The cloud computing sector in Europe is under considerable regulatory review at the moment, particularly around the proposed cybersecurity certification scheme (EUCS) for cloud services, which is a major topic of industry conversations.

Reuters has reported that this initiative has triggered discussions among stakeholders about how it might affect leading cloud service providers, as well as broader issues like data sovereignty and competitive dynamics in the...

Google’s global expansion: Investing in geothermal energy in Nevada and a major data centre in Malaysia

Google expands: Geothermal energy in Nevada and new data centre in Malaysia

Google has teamed up with NV Energy, an electric utility subsidiary of Warren Buffett-owned Berkshire Hathaway, in a groundbreaking deal that will see its Nevada data centres powered with cutting-edge geothermal electricity.

Subject to regulatory approval by state utility regulators, the deal is set to nearly double the power output. This increase in carbon-free geothermal electricity will feed the local power grid for Google's regional operations. As reported by Reuters, The plan...

Oracle reports strong bookings and partners with OpenAI to enhance Microsoft Azure AI platform

Multinational computer technology firm, Oracle, has unveiled details of its latest financial performance, fueled by its commitment to cloud computing and AI.

The company's higher-than-expected bookings and major cloud partnerships reflect continued progress in its efforts to challenge industry leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Among the notable announcements was Oracle's cloud partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft Corp., and Alphabet Inc.'s Google. These alliances...

Google advances Singapore data centre and cloud region with new expansion

Google advances Singapore data centre and cloud region with new expansion

Google has reached a significant milestone with the completion of its latest data centre and cloud region campus expansion in Singapore.

This expansion brings the tech giant's total investments in technical infrastructure in the country to a staggering US$5 billion, up from US$850 million in 2018. The company now employs over 500 people across its data centres in Singapore.

The announcement was made at the "Sustainable data centres with Google" event, where Dr. Janil...

Google and Microsoft restructures cut jobs in cloud and AI divisions

Google and Microsoft restructure cloud and AI divisions, resulting in job cuts

Business Insider reports that Microsoft is now reportedly reducing staff in the Azure cloud computing division, joining the growing layoffs that have roiled the tech and media space this year.

Teams such as Azure for Operators and Mission Engineering will face hefty job cuts: some insiders report as many as 1,500 redundancies in Azure for Operators alone.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that such organisational changes are necessary for effective business management and...

NetApp partners with Google Cloud to maximise flexibility for cloud data storage

NetApp, a data infrastructure company, has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to make it easier for organisations to leverage their data for generative AI (GenAI) and other hybrid cloud workloads.

NetApp and Google Cloud are announcing the Flex service level for Google Cloud NetApp Volumes which supports storage volumes of nearly any size. NetApp is also releasing a preview of its GenAI toolkit reference architecture for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) operations...

VAST Data extends global namespace capabilities to Google Cloud

Google Cloud Office

VAST Data, a AI data platform company, hads made the VAST Data Platform available with Google Cloud.

By extending the VAST Data Platform's global namespace with Google Cloud, organisations have the flexibility to deploy multi-node VAST Clusters either independently with Google Cloud or in conjunction with on-premises VAST clusters, offering the full suite of platform features to support both hybrid and native Google Cloud environments.

Part of the VAST Data Platform,...

HSBC partners with Google Cloud to grow climate tech ecosystem

HSBC has partnered with Google Cloud to accelerate climate mitigation and resilience through financing and support for companies in the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability (GCR-Sustainability) programme.

GCR-Sustainability is a validation programme for companies with solutions available on Google Cloud that help customers achieve goals including carbon emission reduction, increased sustainability in value chains, and processing of ESG data to help identify climate...