Rick Mur, GNX: A new form of connectivity

TechForge recently caught up with GNX’s CTO and co-founder, Rick Mur, to discuss how organisations around the world are dealing with the latest connectivity challenges. 

Can you tell us a little bit about GNX?

GNX is a global connectivity provider, which means that we provide enterprises with any type of data connectivity solution anywhere in the world. That ranges from Internet access at office buildings, to more advanced point-to-point solutions between data centres...

Zayo Group’s ‘near-net’ expansion to bring 100G connectivity to Western Europe


Zayo Group, a specialst in fibre network infrastructure, has revealed that thousands more businesses throughout Europe will be able to access up to 100G connectivity thanks to its near-net expansion.

This development will enhance connectivity options for businesses across the UK & Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and France, providing robust and high-speed network solutions to meet customers’ evolving IT infrastructure needs. This allows Zayo to quickly and easily connect...