Launch of Interoute Cloud Connect accelerates the cloud for enterprise users

Interoute Cloud Connect integrates WAN Optimisation, flexible path selection, firewalling global access and local cloud in a single office device

London, 12th May 2015. Interoute, owner operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, has announced the launch of Interoute Cloud Connect (ICC). ICC operates as a Cloud Accelerator, it intelligently optimises application data flows between local enterprise office clouds and the head office private cloud and accelerates services delivered from the public cloud.

A single on-site device extends Interoute’s SDN aware MPLS WAN directly into the local office and integrates a host of NFV capabilities. These include WAN optimisation, routing, on-site firewall or DMZ & application-based path selection. ICC also offers built-in compute and storage, giving IT teams ultimate flexibility of virtual machine deployment locations as they migrate local IT to virtualized cloud infrastructures.

ICC’s local WAN optimisation capability is paired directly with matching WAN optimisation in Interoute’s global networked cloud platform, accelerating access to services in the cloud. Traffic to and from SaaS providers like Salesforce also benefit from the same performance optimisation, as the ICC devices optimise all traffic over Interoute’s VPNs.

At a local level, ICC allows IT managers to simplify and accelerate the performance of their active directory through replication of ‘read only’ instances at the office location, balancing demand and delivering consistent performance.

Joel Stradling, Research Director at Current Analysis, commented: “Enterprise clients face challenges in achieving good network performance, agility and security, as they move towards virtualised networks and IT. Interoute’s new ICC product meets these needs head on with a number of NFV capabilities including optimized traffic with acceleration available on public clouds, all underpinned by Interoute’s SDN-ready MPLS network. Interoute is setting an aggressive pace with SDN WAN, and this combined with its considerable network capacity is compelling.”

Mark Lewis, Interoute VP Communications & Connectivity, said: “Adding Interoute Cloud Connect (ICC) to an enterprise VPN makes the performance of the cloud so much faster. ICC integrates WAN Optimisation, Application Performance Monitoring & firewall with cloud, in a single on premise device, to create intelligent networked IT-in-a-box.”

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