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Informatica deepens partnership with Google Cloud Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management specialist, has launched its Intelligent Master Data Management Software-as-a-Service (Intelligent MDM) natively on Google Cloud, and its comprehensive Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) on Google Cloud in Europe.

Jitesh Ghai, chief product officer at Informatica, said: “A key ingredient in Informatica’s secret sauce is the breadth and depth of our strategic partnerships, and we couldn’t be more pleased to expand our partnership with Google Cloud to bring our industry-leading cloud data management solutions to more organisations.

“With MDM SaaS, our customers can have confidence the data they rely on to inform pivotal business decisions is unified and accurate, while European organisations can solve any data need through the best-of-breed solutions integrated into our single IDMC platform. Informatica helps those in the Google Cloud ecosystem to make sense of their data, to be empowered, and to ultimately bring this data to life.” 

Informatica’s AI-powered, multidomain Intelligent MDM SaaS on Google Cloud provides customers with a trusted, holistic view of their entire data environment across all business domains, from customers, suppliers, and products, to employees, locations, and industry-specific assets. It allows the integration and rationalisation of hundreds of disparate data sources into a single, authoritative version of truth, or golden record, for all critical business operations, which makes business processes more efficient and delivers reliable business insights.

IDMC on Google Cloud in Europe addresses data sovereignty and localisation concerns established by the General Data Protection Regulation and similar legislation. European-based organisations can now deploy IDMC workloads within the EU, which keeps the customer’s data and metadata  in the region. This gives customers the confidence they can leverage comprehensive benefits of IDMC to properly manage and maximise their data without sacrificing innovation or running afoul of stringent compliance requirements. 

Informatica’s SaaS MDM for Google Cloud and IDMC for Google Cloud in Europe can now be purchased through Google Cloud Marketplace. This enables organisations to purchase IDMC as SaaS MDM through Google Cloud billing.  

Gerrit Kazmaier, VP/GM of data analytics and business intelligence at Google Cloud, said: “Providing customers with the confidence that the data they rely on to inform pivotal business decisions is unified and accurate is a top-of-mind business priority for organisations across industries today.

“We’re delighted to add Informatica’s SaaS MDM solution to Google Cloud Marketplace, to help customers deliver better business outcomes based on a single, trusted record for deeper analysis.” 

Stephen Lee, director, enterprise data engineering data strategy & enablement at TELUS, said: “Informatica and their MDM solution have truly been the engine of our digital transformation efforts – they’ve enabled us to create a more trusted, comprehensive lens of our customer data, which has saved us significant time and dollars while providing greater flexibility to pivot resources to other priorities.

“Now, with the addition of an integration with Google Cloud, also one of our key cloud partners, we can reap the benefits of their cooperation to better meet shifting winds of business needs and customer demands.” 

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