How Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Mobile World?

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Cloud computing at a glance

Cloud computing allows individuals and businesses to use software and hardware remotely over the Internet. Cloud is universal nowadays. Everyone is getting addict of it and in the coming years it will become one of the necessities for the enterprises. Cloud computing plays a vital role in our day-to-day life like banking, social networking, communication, office management, record management, document management and other tasks as well.

Google: Believes In Cloud Computing

According to Google the top financial experts believe that the cloud will reduce cost and improve efficiency and hence enhance the ROI as well. This reveals that most of the CFOs and top management executives believe that “cloud computing offers their business with quantifiable benefits.”

In the United States, the companies are confident about the cloud computing implementation and believe that this would help us in increasing productivity. As per estimates eighty one percent of the total respondents say that they are likely to go for cloud for their organization. Even companies, who have no current cloud plans stated that cloud computing is important to their business success.

Cloud Based Applications Revolutionizing Different Industries

Industries are facing challenges at all levels of operations including supply chain management, inventory management, human resource, finance, marketing, quality testing, and post production activities.

Automobile Industry

This sector has been demanding IT support for their smooth functioning of their various departments. To overcome with this situation not only the IT support but also other strategies should be taken care of. Automation through cloud computing is one of it which is revolutionizing their working and operations worldwide.

To achieve competency and gain optimum benefits automobile sector is adopting cloud technology to bring their engineering functions, customer services and administrative tasks effective. The automobile is gaining ground through proper implementation of cloud technology and streamlined its data management, coordinating tasks, communicating with customers, critical finance functions collaboration, and securing easier. It is not just restricted to automobile manufacturing but it is beneficial for automobile dealers too. While adopting innovative tools and cloud technology a dealer can address their maintenance costs, supply demand management and customer relation.

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace sector is changing the way of working by adopting cloud technology to maintain Quality and Compliance Management across production. This enables them a greater supplier audit consistency and reduced compliance reporting expenses. Meanwhile, the Enhanced Position Location support and streamlining production data management are affecting the aerospace and defense industry. With MDM, this sector is revitalized and become an integral part of product designing and managing production. With the introduction of computers in designing (CAD &CAM) the architecture and layout has been changed that lead to light air crafts production with high speed in reality.
Cloud-based systems have been able to reduce tooling (inventories, service levels, design (CAD)) time and costs on the production floor through automate process like repair and overhaul workflows that include mobility support.

Health Care Industry

You might have heard the old maxim ‘Health is Wealth’. Cloud computing is playing a vital role in the health care sector comprises of hospitals, clinics, Medical colleges and other such establishments. When it comes to accidents, or any health care problem; a thought comes to our mind “where to go; which is nearby; what is the name of the unit”.

The healthcare sector is going a major transformation to improve the quality of patient care and streamline the clinical workflows at one go. Cloud computing is secure, web based platform that provides interoperable health applications and endows by informed decision making enhanced coordination with healthcare environment. With cloud computing, the patient has no need to install any hardware or software. The data centers will provide them the information regarding the location of health care establishments. It’s a win-win situation for the patient as well as the health care providers.


Irrespective of the many benefits of cloud computing there are loopholes that must be taken care like trust, security, privacy, infrastructure standardization. Present scenario prevails that enterprises are waiting for next generation technology solutions for their workforce. Cloud computing can be a revolutionary technology infrastructure, when it is implemented and supported by most of the devices with security. BYOD has changed the face of the working culture of the organization, especially the Sales Force (salesperson). Cloud enables time management, higher quality of standardized development, and quick communication with anyone without any location barriers.

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