Benten Technologies: A secure, passwordless future

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Benten Technologies: A secure, passwordless future Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

A Benten Technologies spokesperson explains how the company’s patented technology is solving critical user identity verification problems.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Benten Technologies, what type of product and service do you offer?

We offer a patented smartphone-based authentication and authorisation service. Integration with our system is through well-defined APIs. 

Using our service, through the click of a button, our clients can have passwordless access to a streaming service, and passwordless access to online accounts. They can also authorise a credit card transaction or changes to an IoT device.

What have been the latest developments at Benten Technologies?

We recently released our fully functional service and app for production use after a rigorous seven-year R&D cycle. 2.0 service API and cutting edge BentenApp is now available across the US, Canada and Taiwan.

You’ve been developing this security platform that will allow clients to authenticate their users without the use of a password or one-time codes sent via text messages. Could you tell us a little bit more about it, and where and when it might be available?

Benten’s service is available now and is based on easy to implement and simple to use APIs. Clients can use their existing infrastructure (both hardware and software) to leverage our offering. A minimal investment will be required for hooking up existing systems with Benten service.

BentenApp is also available on Android and iOS and is designed to work for a large majority of users due to the low OS version barrier.

And our integration time frame is around three months for a small-sized company (user base of under 100,000), six months for a medium-sized company (user base under one million) and about nine months to a year for a large-sized company (user base of more than one million).

Benten Technologies was founded in 2014. Which of your achievements since then are you most proud of and why?

We’re proud of creating technology from the ground up with a primary focus on ease of integration for our clients and simple and intuitive use of our app for their users. Our technology is meant to solve a real-life problem that clients, as well as end users, face. 

Our clients lose valuable revenue due to password sharing and system hacking while users must go through the hassle of coming up with passwords that are not easy to hack while remembering such difficult passwords. We believe we have created technology that addresses both the concerns.

Your website describes the company as “passionate about making an impact on a societal issue that benefits a large group of people”. Can you give us any examples of how Benten Technologies has positively impacted these areas?

We’ve implemented a patented technology that eliminates passwords completely. Passwords have served the broader online community well, but they have also created several issues like hacking and sharing of passwords. This has cost companies billions of dollars in revenue. 

Our solution addresses both of these issues in a way that is easy to adopt using virtually all the existing infrastructure already in place. We believe our technology will be transformative for our clients while providing a valuable and secure online experience for our client’s end users. This is a win-win solution for our clients as well as end users. 

By providing an efficient way to authorise and authenticate activities that save time and cost, we feel we have contributed positively to society all over the world.

The company seems to put a strong emphasis on research and development. Can you give us an idea of what you are currently conducting research into?

We’ve spent more than seven years of rigorous R&D effort to come up with a solution that hides all the complexities involved in solving a critical user identity verification problem. Our solution is super intuitive to use. We have implemented a solution keeping in mind the entire spectrum of online users, whether the users are computer savvy or not. 

Also, our solution is extremely easy to integrate for our clients into their existing infrastructure. We have purposefully implemented a hardware and software agnostic solution. This is to ensure that almost the entire spectrum of clients can avail of our solution. Currently, we are focused on helping our clients integrate our solution into their technology ecosystem.

What plans does Benten Technologies have for the year ahead?

The company plans to onboard three small-sized and two mid-sized clients in the next 12 months. Our marketing and consulting team is ready to start work as soon as possible.

Benten Technologies will be participating at the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2022 in Santa Clara, California, on October 5-6. You can register to attend the event for free here:

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