Cloud Computing 2014: What’s In Store

In 2013 cloud computing became a reality for many organizations. In 2014 it will become even more integrated into our existing IT practices. It will be the year IT departments, CIO and other executives formally develop strategies for  embracing, managing and deploying the cloud.

We are in a new era; a time where customers and the tools that help businesses better understand them are rapidly changing. In order to keep up and be agile enough to reach new buyers in this new period,...

What are the benefits of cloud technology on manufacturing?

Computer savvy business leaders are aware of the rewards of cloud computing.

However, for those with subscriptions, the benefits are more obvious since they use cloud hosting, receive monthly updates and spot on technical support all at an affordable price point.

Although the government, education and financial industries bask in the glow of cloud technology, there are certain risks to security and issues with downtime.

Still, cloud computing is desirable to many, as...