Why IT needs smarter cloud security

A padlock.

For IT and security professionals, the job is getting more complex day by day. With widely dispersed teams fast becoming the norm, new technologies emerging and an ever-increasing level of threats, it’s a big job and a lot to keep on top of.

There is no doubt that IT needs smarter security. Security management needs to change to take “hybrid” work models into account as well as the new world of cloud services, BYOD and remote access. Comprehensive security solutions such as...

The evolution of phishing: Reeling them in from the cloud

Awareness of phishing has grown significantly in recent years, and users are more suspicious than ever of emails that land in their inbox from unknown or questionable senders. In response to this, cybercriminals have had to become savvier with their phishing tactics. They’ve looked to new methods of phishing that are harder for users to expose. The latest of these phishing tactics uses spoofed cloud applications – a new trend that businesses need to watch out for.


Combating the rising threat of malware in the cloud

Enterprise cloud adoption rates continue to rise at unprecedented rates as more businesses realise the benefits these services can bring.

However, perhaps predictably, this explosive growth has also given rise to a host of new cyber threats as criminals look to capitalise on changing business habits for their own ends. At the top of the list are two familiar threats; malware and ransomware, which unfortunately now have the potential to compromise more data than ever before, thanks to...