As the global SaaS market surges, who pays for the energy to power it?

As the global SaaS market surges, who pays for the energy to power it? Ed Ansett is co-founder and chairman of the i3 Solutions Group. Considered a pioneer of the data centre mission critical industry, Ed Ansett has in-depth expertise in critical facility design, risk and root-cause failure analysis. Ed has published numerous technical papers on critical facilities design and power reliability. His specialist expertise means he is a sought-out keynote speaker and facilitator at data centre industry events around the world. Ed is the recipient of a DatacenterDynamics Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry, and is also a founder of DCiRN (the Data Centre Incident Reporting Network), a not-for-profit enterprise which aims to help eliminate downtime and ensure safe and resilient data centre operations

Few consumers think about the electricity that powers their applications. But for the enterprise sector, whose reliance on SaaS is growing, this is not something that can be ignored.

That leaves many questions. How is the energy use and cost being priced into the services such as SaaS? Are SaaS providers paying too much for power?

SaaS providers are focused on cost per transaction; meaning this becomes a question for the data centre operator. Should SaaS providers demand...

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