Five ways VMware’s vCloud hybrid service takes your data centre to the cloud

VMWare is well known for its virtualization products, so it’s not surprising that it is establishing a presence in the cloud computing world. Its hybrid cloud service, VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service, runs off of vSphere and vCloud. It’s set up as an Infrastructure as a Service offering, with a hybrid cloud approach that seeks to expand the customer’s existing datacenter, instead of replacing it. Here are five methods by which the vCloud Hybrid Service takes existing data centres to the cloud.

5. The hybrid...

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Are cloud contracts driving away business?

Cloud computing providers are increasingly falling for bad habits – they are offering customers “standard form” contracts whereby they set the provider lays out the terms, very much like insurance companies do with...

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Cisco courts Parallels and “desktop virtualisation” in the cloud

Parallels is a global firm reputed in offering cloud service enablement, hosting and desktop visualisation. The company was founded in 1999 and currently boasts of over 900 employees spanning across the globe- North America, Asia and Europe.

To capitalise on Parallels' success story, Cisco, the global networking giant, of recent has made an equity investment of $11 million to the desktop virtualisation firm. The investment was done through Almaz Capital Partners.

According to Hilton Romanski,...

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Integrating customer service and the cloud

The cloud is commonly envisaged as a utilitarian service, enabling those companies using it, to experience ease of access to data in various accounts, homogenisation of such accounts, the external management of servers, negating the need for...

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Does mobility and the cloud equal total compatibility?

Over the last fifteen or so years, we have seen computing make the transition from the fixed and immovable desktops and servers, through to chunky underpowered laptops, through to less chunky but more powerful laptops using Wi-Fi connectivity, through...

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What are the roadblocks to a worldwide cloud security standard?

The cloud storage phenomenon has resulted in a widely used platform used by both companies and individuals as an easy means to store their data. However, as is typical with new technology, the security has fallen behind and left many users vulnerable to intrusions on their privacy that could result in data loss and theft. This problem is due in large part to the factors that make cloud security difficult. (At Virtual Internet an intense effort has been made to use the latest technology and standards (including ISO 9001 and 27001 certification) to safeguard and...

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Is Australia about to go through a cloud boom?

Recent evidence suggests that cloud competition in Australia is about to intensify. Australia’s high-tech population and its concern about cloud-hosting outside of the country should prove very tempting for cloud companies to set up...

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Contractors would do well to use the cloud

Building contractors were told this week that cloud computing could make a huge difference to the construction industry, especially when it comes to project management. Autodesk, which develops some of the most influential design software such as...

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Exploiting the mobile cloud via mobile browsers

Recent research has shown that mobile browsers can take advantage of cloud hosting, permitting the use of multiple servers in order to complete complex tasks which would be impossible using mobile technology alone.

Due to their limited computational capabilities, smartphones and tablets are not able to carry out complex tasks, however such mobile browser cloud servers could alleviate this problem. Complex tasks can be carried out via the cloud thus sending the user information on a web...

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Nasa making use of cloud computing

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have announced that they will be looking to make use of cloud computing platforms in order to power the administration’s next generation of projects.

The news was revealed at the 2012 re:Invent conference as Nasa IT CTO, Tom Soderstrom,...

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Cloud hosting streamlines the hotel sector

It’s been revealed that cloud computing has managed to revolutionise the hotel sector.

This comes thanks to Claudia Harris, event manager of new trade show Hospitality Technology EXPO. It is also expected that cloud hosting will remain an integral part of the industry’s future success.

Ms Harris has previously stated that cloud technology has enabled operations to be much smoother and...

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How can cloud computing save the world? [infographic]

As cloud computing continues to grow and cloud hosting is adopted by more and more individuals and businesses alike, it has been calculated that the use of cloud hosting can dramatically decrease the amount of carbon emissions produced by each and every business that makes use of the cloud.

Google has calculated that an SME can lower its energy usage by 65%-85% simply by switching to the cloud.

This is thanks to the fact that servers, located elsewhere, will be used for data storage...

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5 reasons why small businesses choose the cloud

It has recently been shown that 80% of private businesses involved in foreign trade are small or medium sized businesses and many of these are growing or looking to expand and develop.

Expanding a business however means more people, bigger servers, more complex IT management, more computers and...

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How can cloud computing assist the medical sector?

Cloud computing has proven to have its many advantages and now it would seem that it is also helping medical science reduce its costs.

If we take the incredible amounts of data that need to be crunched through for advanced treatment purposes, traditionally it would require a set of interlinked computers, in their thousands, to configure the human genome.

This alone would require thousands and thousands of pieces of equipment...

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How can cloud hosting affect banking?

Accenture, the IT consultancy reported this year that “cloud computing will increasingly provide banks with new lower cost operating models thanks to virtualisation, greater automation, and the ability to push more activities offshore.”

What does this mean?

In years...

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