5 silver linings of the cloud for SMBs

With the growing cloud computing market, there is potential for small businesses to take advantage of the technology in order to compete better with larger companies. Cloud computing is fantastic for SMBs because it allows you get to maintain complete control but without the expensive financial and staff costs and protects your business from downtime distress.

Silver Lining #1: Cloud Security

Reliable cloud service providers will have a dedicated security system in place, which allows a small business to focus on...

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Google privacy policy dispute: The facts!

Google is in the middle of a legal battle with European privacy watchdogs after the organisation refused to change its new privacy policy in order to adhere to EU compliance regulations. The watchdogs said “Google Inc.’s privacy practices don’t comply with Europe-wide data-protection rules.”

The Problem with Google’s Privacy Policy:

Google presented the new policy in March 2012 and it the changes allowed the search giant to help utilize targeted advertising by merging user data...

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Can your business stay secure in the cloud?

Cloud security is not a paradox!

 “Is cloud computing secure?” A question that has been asked since the dawn of “the cloud” and the answer has been debated many times over. Cloud security has been a long, never-ending discussion and more often than not evidence shows businesses rarely regret taking the plunge into a cloud infrastructure.

Despite the misconception that the cloud is entirely unprotected, there has still been a phenomenal growth in the cloud market in recent years....

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Mobile integration and hybrid cloud to be expected in 2013

By Jon SmithWith more and more firms looking to cut down on digital storage space in 2013, one area of IT management that is set to expand is the reliance on cloud computing. The cloud industry is still in its relative infancy, although there are already key trends that are expected to develop in the industry this year.

Integrated cloud and mobile

The reliance between mobile and cloud activities is expected to become all the stronger in 2013. More and more mobile applications are linked to cloud...

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How cloudy is the future for the UK government?

“Times are hard” was a phrase often used in my house as a child usually when begging my mother for the latest pair of Nike trainers.  


Fast forward 20 years and not much has changed as we continue to struggle through the worst economic crisis we have ever seen. The downturn has had a huge impact upon the public sector with many departments being forced to cut budgets to help reduce the government deficit.

One way departments are seeking to cut costs is by reassessing their technology needs, which has in more cases than not,...

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