Avaya’s cloud UC strategy continues to evolve

Brian Riggs, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Telecoms

At Enterprise Connect in March 2013 Avaya introduced a set of platforms on which its partners – which include operators, systems integrators, and resellers – can build to offer fully hosted communications services. The move is a marked departure for the company, whose revenues are derived mainly from selling communications software and solutions that enterprises deploy on-premise. Avaya also has a services business that sells managed and hosted communications...

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IBM backs OpenStack as the path to wider cloud adoption

Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum SoftwareIBM recently made three significant announcements about its vision for how cloud computing will be adopted by enterprise customers. First, IBM believes that open standards are needed to drive increased customer demand for workload portability in a hybrid cloud environment. Second, IBM has segmented the adoption of cloud computing as two different strategies serving two different reasons to adopt cloud computing, namely a cloud-enabled approach and a cloud-centric approach. A...

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Amazon Web Services’ OpsWorks is a positive move

Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Software – IT SolutionsIn February 2013, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the beta version of AWS OpsWorks, a configuration and deployment service for AWS public cloud-based applications and their related resources. While AWS usually creates its services from scratch, OpsWorks is based on third-party technology, namely the open source Chef-based SaaS offering, Scalarium, developed by Peritor, a small Germany-based IT service provider that AWS acquired in 2012.

OpsWorks reflects the...

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Reaching nirvana: The enterprise and gamification

Adam Holtby, Analyst, IT Service Management, Ovum

Gamification (the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts) continues to gain interest among enterprises and the public sector. Regardless of whether you approve of the buzzword itself, there is little doubt that the practices gamification embodies and promotes can be beneficial to a wide array of organizations in achieving overarching business strategies and tactical objectives. To reach a nirvana state with any gamification initiative, organizations...

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Ravello shifts virtualization from servers to clouds

Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Software – IT Solutions, Ovum

The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market is growing up. Vendors are endeavoring not only to help enterprises define, configure, and deploy increasingly complex applications, but also to abstract these applications from the underlying IaaS infrastructure. It is shifting from a bottom-up infrastructure-centric view to a top-down application-centric view.

This is happening in a variety of ways, including Ravello Systems’ Cloud Application...

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Government policy-makers should level the playing field for cloud services

Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Research Director, IT, Asia-Pacific

Cloud services policies are being developed and iterated in all jurisdictions. Having reviewed a number of draft policies in recent months, we believe policy-makers need to work harder to create a level playing field for cloud services adoption, mindful of the potential for a type I procurement error (buying a “bad” cloud service) or a type II procurement error (buying a “bad” in-house, shared, or outsourced service, when a cloud...

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Cisco increases the push for hosted collaboration

Claudio Castelli, Senior Analyst, Enterprise

The highlight of Cisco’s recent C-Scape conference in Melbourne was the news of its collaboration portfolio, which is gaining momentum. The company is engaging with an increasing number of service providers to position its Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). HCS offers a clear path to help enterprises migrate their communications to the cloud, and positions uniquely in the market; its delivery model is expected to disrupt the current partner ecosystem. Traditional...

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CRM outsourcers need to follow Branson’s advice on telecommuting

Peter Ryan, Lead Analyst, IT Services

Regardless of the sector in question, home-based working has always aroused emotions among executives. The recent comments made by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg against home working have further inflamed this debate, but Ovum feels that contact center services players would be wise to heed the remarks of Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, which were well thought out and very much in favour of working from home. To date, this business model has...

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Enterprise mobility was an omnipresent theme at #MWC2013

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact Technology, Ovum

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the topic of enterprise mobility was everywhere – literally, the stands exhibiting all the vendors operating in the space were spread throughout the eight vast halls of Fira Gran Via. Everywhere you looked there were vendors showing off their approaches to enterprise mobility management (EMM), highlighting the importance of mobility for businesses right now: the size of the demand is so big, and there are so many...

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2012 year-end results show tepid progress among CRM outsourcers

Peter Ryan, Lead Analyst, IT Services

Through 2012, many CRM outsourcers struggled to adjust to ongoing economic uncertainty, as well as shifting requirements from clients in terms of supporting mobility and social media solutions. However, there were encouraging signs from the standpoint of financial performance, with a number of the sector’s major players managing to moderately increase revenues and maintain profitability. Going forward, we believe the challenge for many contact centre service players will...

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Parallels says SMB market is driving business for hosting and cloud service providers

Roy Illsley, Peter Hall & Mile Sapien, Principal Analysts, Ovum ITAt the recent Parallels Summit 2013 in Las Vegas, more than 1,300 attendees heard how the SMB market is driving new business for service providers and hosting companies alike. With headquarters in Seattle, Parallels is a private company that does not disclose its revenues. It has 900 employees worldwide and two-thirds of its business is focused on software solutions (including automation) that enable service providers to rapidly...

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Sage trims its CRM portfolio to accelerate renaissance

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst Enterprise SolutionsOn February 15, Sage announced that it was selling off Sage ACT, Sage SalesLogix, and the Sage Nonprofit Solutions product suite (managed from the US), as well as four other non-CRM products in Europe. Ovum sees this as further evidence of Sage’s customer-focused transformation and desire to accelerate development of its core hybrid cloud and mobile applications portfolio.At last year’s Sage Summit, the company’s definition of what constitutes core did not include Sage CRM....

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The Consumer Electronics Show: All about enterprise

Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise, Ovum

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the usual media frenzy, with as many new technology announcements as ever. Although CES focuses on mass-market, consumer products, entertainment, and services, it does provide a preview of technologies and products that will most likely enter the enterprise market eventually. It also gives IT departments some idea of what the corporate end user is going to expect in terms of corporate IT services, user interfaces, and service...

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Is "Little data" Big Data’s new battleground?

Mark Little, Principal Analyst, Consumer, Ovum

“You have zero privacy anyway, get over it,” Sun Microsystems chief executive Scott McNealy is quoted as saying at a product launch back in 1999. McNealy will surely have grown almost as tired of hearing his famous quote as consumers appear to be of being tracked on the Internet, and Ovum’s latest Consumer Insights survey suggests that two-thirds of the Internet population is very tired indeed.

Internet players and data collectors of every type are at risk of taking the...

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Data Privacy Day reminds us of the importance of transparency

Luca Schiavoni, Analyst, Regulation, Ovum

The celebration of the Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2013 came at a moment when awareness of the importance of the matter is higher than it has ever been. However, many obstacles get in the way of full data privacy, including companies’ unwillingness to fully disclose what they do with their users’ data, consumers’ unwillingness to actually read lengthy terms and conditions pages when signing up to a service, and the fact that some companies’ business models...

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Big data: What’s hot, what’s not according to the Twitter stream

By Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Ovum IT Enterprise Solutions

Because (or in spite) of the hype, sentiment about Big Data vendors was generally bullish in 2012. The attention spilled over from IT to the business media. These were among the findings reported by DataSift, which conducted a retrospective analysis of vendor mentions on Twitter during 2012 for Ovum. To some extent, the results were surprising: while Hadoop garners much of the spotlight as a Big Data platform, the vendor 10gen, which develops MongoDB, came in...

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IBM’s stack on big data management and governance

By Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information Management, Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Solutions, Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information ManagementThe big data phenomenon presents a challenge for data management, a complex IT discipline that many organizations still struggle to deal with effectively today, even with their “small” data sets. As data grows, so too does data uncertainty – and with it lowered quality and trust. IBM is in the process of extending its InfoSphere family of data integration...

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Amazon Web Services starts to assert itself

By Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Ovum SoftwareAt the end of November 2012, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held its first partner and customer conference in Las Vegas. Dubbed AWS “re: Invent”, the event was a success. It enabled AWS to assert itself as a large and influential player in the IT marketplace. However, as well as AWS’s strengths, it also highlighted some of its traditional weaknesses. These include poor communications and an inability to put forward messages adapted to the needs of enterprise executives.


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What does G-Cloud want for Christmas?

Joe Dignan, Chief Analyst, Public Sector Technology, Ovum

Cloud delivery and procurement is still a central plank in global public sector procurement. The G-Cloud Framework has been running for the best part of a year, having launched in April 2012, so now is a good time to revisit the UK government’s flagship procurement initiative, CloudStore. At a recent event, Ovum heard that the UK’s CloudStore was a great success. We heard that the second iteration of the G-Cloud Framework included 71 new suppliers, bringing...

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Government cloud: Agencies need shopping skills, not just cloud stores

Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Research Director, IT, Asia-Pacific, Ovum

Many governments are implementing cloud services portals – “cloud stores” – to encourage cloud services adoption and provide “trusted” shopping experiences for agencies. The decision by the US government to close its apps.gov portal raises interesting questions about the usefulness of these portals. Ovum’s view is that the focus of government cloud strategy should be on encouraging organizational learning in agencies...

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