How to backup to the cloud with a WAN data acceleration layer

Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) are, along with artificial intelligence, the talk of the town, but they have their limitations for fast cloud back-up and restore. However, before SD-WANs organisations had to cope with conventional wide area networks – just plain old WANs – with all applications, bandwidth congestion and heavy quality of service (QoS) going through one pipe using multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to connect each branch office to one or more clouds.

The advent of the SD-WAN was...

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Why 2018 will be a year of innovation and the 'cloud on edge'

During much of 2017, it was possible to read many articles that predicted the end of cloud computing and favour edge computing instead. However, there is also the view that believes edge computing and cloud computing are extensions of one another. In other words, the two technological models are expected to work together. Cloud...

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Is edge computing set to blow away the cloud?

Just about every new piece of technology is considered disruptive to the extent that they are expected to replace older technologies. Sometimes as with the cloud, old technology is simply re-branded to make it more appealing to customers and thereby to create the illusion of a new market. Let’s remember that cloud computing had previously existed in one shape or form. At one stage it was called on-demand computing, and then it became ‘application service provision’.

Now there is edge...

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How data acceleration will make the blockchain even more secure

Michael Salmony, executive adviser at Equens, spoke about ‘Making Tea on the Blockchain’ at the Financial Service Club in January 2017. He argued that blockchain is but one solution. Other options for making smart and secure transactions should also be considered. He even goes so far as to ask on Linkedin: ‘Blockchain - not for payments?

Questions like this one are important because so many people have been jumping onto the...

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Building your data castle: Protecting from ransomware and restoring data after a breach


The data centre is the castle. You can pull up the drawbridge, fill up the moat, or pull down the portcullis. But at some point, you have to let data in and out, and this opens up the opportunity for ransomware attacks.

No longer is it a matter of pride and peer recognition in the hacker community for circumnavigating and exposing the security of an organisation because it is now a fully-fledged industry in its own right with the use of ransomware.  That cybersecurity company...

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How to support video with mitigated latency


nScreenMedia claims that: “data from Ericsson and FreeWheel paints a rosy picture for mobile video. Mobile data volume is set to increase sevenfold over the next six years, with video’s share increasing from 50% to 70%. The smartphone looks to be in the driver’s seat."

To top this, Forbes reported in...

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