Build vs buy—5 reasons you shouldn’t build your own CRM

By Sangeetha ParthasarathyAs a business consulting company, we frequently hear the comment, “We are more than capable of building our own home-grown technology ecosystem.” That's great. But before you jump in head-first, and start buying a bunch of servers and stalking developers on LinkedIn, you should consider everything required to build, implement, and maintain your system.

Here at Bluewolf, we’ve discovered several misguided rationales behind building your own CRM. To avoid falling into those traps, consider these 5 wrong reasons to build your own CRM:

  • “I can build it,...

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    How location is crucial to cloud data security

    Anyone who has ever dealt in real estate—either buying a house, renting, or just living with someone in the industry—has heard the mantra "location, location, location." As it turns out, location matters in the cloud, too. In particular, if you work for a regional or global company, you’ll find that certain governments, regional political entities (eg. the EU), and industries impose restrictions on where specific types of data can physically reside.

    These jurisdictions apply regulations that protect individual and corporate data privacy pertaining to their citizens, public entities, or private sector firms. The most sensitive data of which, Personally Identifiable Information (PII),...

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    Can insurance companies risk ignoring the cloud?

    Since joining Bluewolf, I have been blown away by the expansive success we have had transforming businesses - including those competing in the most commoditised and regulated environments. Until recently, I’d spent my entire career in the insurance industry - an industry that is highly regulated, fairly traditional and generally slow to adapt to technology. The evidence shows that insurance companies that don’t leverage cloud technology to create unique customer experiences are at high risk of getting left behind.

    Insurers tend to depend on core legacy system applications due to compliance...

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    Going global: Implementing the cloud without borders

    Any move to the cloud requires a transformational way of thinking. With a global enterprise, this shift requires unique preparations and considerations.

    Not only do standard challenges (i.e. alignment, business process, and change management) become increasingly complex as you add geographies and cultural differences to a project, but compliance and data quality concerns further complicate matters and require a detailed and methodical approach.

    Over the past 12 years, Bluewolf has worked across every major timezone and global currency to deliver on the promise of the cloud.

    We know that when it comes to a global cloud deployment, there should not be a “one size fits all” approach.

    Laying the right foundation:

    Before getting started, companies should reflect on...

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    Is cloud ROI “of the people, by the people, for the people”?

    Originally posted on ComputerWorld

    Companies are shifting resources to the cloud for a variety of reasons: efficiency, cost, analytics, customer service, etc. While these are worthy goals, there’s a more fundamental objective that companies leveraging the cloud should strive for: unlocking the collective brainpower of your workforce and customer base.

    While the term "social" means different things to different people, at the heart of the concept lies an understanding that people are the organisation’s most valuable asset.

    In a truly "social"...

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    Five tips for CIOs moving to the cloud

    CIOs making strategic moves to the cloud that involve core infrastructure such as productivity tools, enterprise applications or collaboration capabilities need to be prepared for a new way of thinking and operating.

    Moving to the cloud isn’t - and shouldn’t be - business as usual. It’s a switch that demands fresh attitudes to procurement, accounting, project management and, more than anything, ways of working.

    This is the biggest shift in computing architecture since client/server and inevitably there will be surprises along the way but best practices and case studies are emerging. Based on over a decade of operating with companies moving to...

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    3 Tips to Enhance your IT Staffing Strategy

    In the past, a competitive salary with challenging projects was enough to attract top tech talent to your organization. Today, paying competitive salaries, while important, is only part of the IT staffing equation.

    We asked Conor Sibley (CS), CTO of Higher Logic, a prominent media services company in Washington D.C, Stephany Samuels (SS), Bluewolf’s VP of nationwide recruiting, and Michael Kirven (MK), co-founder at Bluewolf, what they thought were the most important tips for hiring tech talent in 2012. Here’s what they had to say:

    Tip 1:...

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    IT: A Blocker or Enabler?

    At the recent Interop New York business technology conference, I was interested to see the progression our tech world is taking; discussions around cloud computing, virtualization, networking, mobility, security and data centers buzzed throughout the conference center.

    What I want to specifically highlight is a comment made during the keynote given by Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon Web Services. Vogels discussed the transition from IT as the blocker to IT as the Enabler.

    Transforming the corporate perception of the IT department has been an ongoing battle within the...

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