Focus on the Utility Player in IT

By: Kevin Kern, CEO at Innotas

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In Baseball, no one knows what to call the player who stashes several gloves in his locker, shows up each day oblivious to where he'll be on the field, if he plays at all.  Is he a...

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Turning IT from a cost center into a strategic business partner

After reading an article from ZDNET this week about Gartner’s predictions for 2012, it occurred to me that while well-written and provocative, the narrative was foreboding for IT organizations. The premise that cloud computing spending increasingly lands outside of IT and therefore will likely diminish the roles and responsibilities of the IT organization has some merit. 

This prediction can be proven wrong if IT managers are willing to make adjustments to how “business as usual” is...

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A CIO’s Outlook and Priorities for 2012

right direction by renjith krishnanWith the year coming to a closing, organizations are wrapping up remaining projects and start setting priorities and objectives for 2012.

One of the main challenges continues to be in defining goals and objectives for the upcoming 12 months and utilizing limited resources in the IT organization in most efficient and effective way.



Some of the common...

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4 Simple Ways to Start to Scoring Your IT Projects Today

By George Shaheen, Innotas Team

A consistent challenge across all of our customers is a simple question: “How do I manage the demand on my organization and ensure I’m doing the right work – the work that aligns to overall business objectives?”  A lot of the time, work is chosen for execution reactively with no push back (“let’s just get it done as soon as we can”), based on a single person’s decision making (“Joe thought about it and thinks we should...

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