Rakuten Symphony launches Telco Cloud training through TIP Academy

Rakuten Symphony launches Telco Cloud training through TIP Academy Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Rakuten Symphony has launched a Telco Cloud curriculum on the Telecom Infra Project’s industry-neutral training platform, the TIP Academy.

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Academy, launched by TIP in collaboration with Accenture in June 2022, is an industry neutral training platform for the Telecom industry.  With a prime focus on educating and upskilling the Telecom community in the practical aspects of architecting, building, testing, integrating and deploying Open Network Solutions. TIP Academy has already launched 14 Open RAN courses (100+ hours of content), in collaboration with Vodafone and other industry partners, has more than 1500+ learners and 800+ TIP Academy certificates issued.

The TIP Academy Executive Committee, under the guidance of the TIP Board, already includes Vodafone Group, Accenture and TIP, and is now extending to welcome Rakuten Symphony. Rakuten Symphony has already invested in building a new TIP Academy curriculum focused on Telco Cloud.  TIP Academy, with Rakuten Symphony, will have launched 3 new courses on Telco Cloud by mid March, with an aim to demystify the opportunities and challenges in driving towards cloud-native telco networks.

According to Rakuten Symphony, cloud-based architectures are already prevalent within telecom operators, however, there is a general lack of understanding of how cloud-native architectures can be designed and built effectively to respond to today’s and future connectivity demands.  Many operators struggle with:

  • how to best develop a cloud-native strategy to match with different demands on the network
  • technical and commercial benefits and challenges in public, private, hybrid or own built clouds
  • route towards achieving zero-touch automation for virtual or containerized applications
  • approaches to secure lifecycle management of application workloads

Find out more about TIP Academy here (www.tip.academy) and the soon-to-launch Telco Cloud courses, as well as existing courses within the existing Open RAN curriculum.

Vishal Mathur, global head of engagement, TIP, said: “Rakuten Symphony is a front runner in deploying zero-touch, cloud-native, programmable telecom networks, and I look forward to their leadership within TIP Academy to build awareness and educate other telecom operators, looking to achieve the same.  TIP Academy delights in the fact that the courses are built by the industry for the industry, and I for one invite vendors and integrators to add to what Rakuten Symphony has started in Telco Cloud.”

Vaibhav Dongre, VP, marketing, Rakuten Symphony, said: “As telecom operators across the world seek to maximise the operational efficiencies that cloud can offer, it is imperative that industry experts are well versed in the fundamentals of a successful cloud-native strategy. Rakuten Symphony is pleased to contribute to the TIP Academy curriculum with a course that will empower industry experts to maximise their cloud-native potential.”

Jefferson Wang, chief strategy and growth officer, Accenture Cloud First, Accenture, said: “Beyond the competition for existing talent, there needs to be a focus on new talent creation. Through initiatives like TIP Academy, Accenture developed Open RAN training materials to help everyone proactively upskill talent. Now, in collaboration with Rakuten Symphony for Telco Cloud training, this expansion of TIP Academy enables the industry to implement cloud strategies on a large scale.”

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