AT&T Mexico transforms its tech strategy with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

AT&T Mexico transforms its tech strategy with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

AT&T Mexico is moving critical IT and business processes to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to expand the benefits of mobile internet to more than 21 million subscribers and business customers in industries such as education, health and banking nationwide.

With OCI, the company will be able to manage OSS/BSS workloads, analytics, and databases more efficiently in the cloud.

Jeronimo Diez de Sollano, CIO, AT&T Mexico, said: “AT&T Mexico’s cloud transition continues to be a strategic lever for our growing and evolving business, enabling us to complete end-to-end processes with the agility and scalability necessary to deliver connectivity services to a growing number of users.

“Oracle has been a trusted collaborator with AT&T Mexico; this collaboration plays a part in our digital transformation program and the search for efficiencies and new market opportunities.”

Building on OCI’s capabilities in the Oracle Cloud Querétaro region, AT&T Mexico can run critical applications while meeting data residency requirements. Additionally, AT&T expects to see benefits in terms of productivity, and reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO) over five years. This will positively impact the company’s efficiency and innovation in technology helping it adapt to market demand quickly. 

OCI helps telcos run, build, and optimize mission critical workloads with TCO benefits through optimum price performance, low network-egress charges, and consistent global pricing. Collaborating with Oracle, AT&T Mexico is creating more reliable and agile platforms, allowing them to offer innovative services to the customers they serve.

Angel Alija, senior VP, Telecommunications, Oracle, said: “Having clients like AT&T in the Oracle Cloud Querétaro region reflects the strong customer growth OCI is seeing across the country. We’re privileged to work with AT&T to build capabilities that will allow them to create more and better services that optimize the experiences of all AT&T users.”

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