5 minutes with Or Lenchner, CEO at Bright Data

Or Lenchner, CEO at Bright Data.

5 minutes with Or Lenchner, CEO at Bright Data Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

What is Bright Data?

In a nutshell, Bright Data is a web data platform that innovates solutions to make public web data accessible to all. Founded in 2014, we’re an international company with a team of more than 350 employees. We’ve recently expanded with the opening of three new offices in New York City, San Francisco and New Delhi. We work with more than 15,000 customers from multiple industries, ranging from Fortune 500 players to large enterprises, SMEs, strategic start-ups as well as major academic institutions, non-profits and public sector bodies. We recently surpassed the $100 million mark in revenues and have acquired three new companies.  

Where did the idea for the company come from?

The internet is the largest public database ever created. However, it is not the most transparent, and, therefore, access to large-scale web information can become a complex mission. In order to gain a competitive edge over competitors, many companies try to access the public web to check their competitors’ offers or product prices but get blocked in the process. If organisations wish to remain relevant and maintain their competitive edge, they need access to web data. This is where the idea for Bright Data was born – a public web data collection platform that allows businesses to access the data they need.

What’s your company mission?

We’re committed to providing reliable and quality data in the most flexible and effective way. We take pride in continuously innovating, anticipating and addressing our customers’ increasing web data needs and answering them with easily integrated efficient solutions.  

In addition, being a market leader means adhering to the highest standards of compliance and ethics. Over the years, our compliance department has more than doubled in size, and we recently appointed a new compliance and ethics vice president. We are very proud of our thorough industry-first compliance processes and guidelines that we have in place to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality of trustworthy data. After all, data leads every critical decision and will continue to do so in the upcoming Web 3.0 era.

What sectors do you serve?

Bright Data serves organisations from almost every sector, from finance to e-commerce to security, travel and beyond. Our main priority is to gather and deliver data in the most efficient way through a product suite that speaks to people who aren’t familiar with coding as well as to data and tech professionals. We anticipate future data cycles focusing on tech innovation and creativity. For example, we recently launched three more automated services and products that significantly reduce the duration of the web data collection process to just mere minutes.

Are you engaged in any CSR efforts?

Just over a year ago, we established a pro-bono organisation, The Bright Initiative, to encourage positive change in the world through the use of public web data. The Initiative has close to 400 partner organisations that either use Bright Data’s products and services pro bono, participate in the Initiative’s multiple expert-led sessions, or receive support and advice based on the company’s extensive expertise. The Initiative’s partners are composed of over 140 leading universities as well as multiple non-profits that are advancing valuable environmental and social causes. The Initiative also supports the UK’s National Data Strategy (NDS) and is an active member of the NDS forum.

What does the future hold for Bright Data and the web data collection sector?

The data domain is showing no signs of slowing down. With Web3 approaching, data is obviously going to capture additional leading roles. Many industries see data as an indispensable tool for their business. Bright Data will continue to provide for the evolving data needs across industry sectors and markets. We will continue to lead the market with speed, flexibility and efficiency and address the ever-growing data needs with a full suite of data products and solutions that meet the full data cycle requirements.

For more information about Bright Data, visit: https://brightdata.com/

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