Serviceware to help customers reduce cloud costs with VMware

Serviceware to help customers reduce cloud costs with VMware Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Serviceware, a provider of software solutions for the digitization and automation of service processes, has become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth (formerly CloudHealth), VMware’s solution for cloud cost management.

This partnership is set to help multi-cloud customers gain a consolidated view of their cloud usage and spend in real-time.

Amid a challenging and turbulent economic climate, businesses and leaders are under growing pressure to not just survive but thrive. VMware’s solution offers a superior choice for cloud cost management and was recently named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Cloud Cost Management and Optimization, Q3 2022. VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth is the leading multi-cloud cost management platform designed to empower companies with the insights needed to drive business throughout every step of their cloud journey. With businesses increasingly favouring cloud-based services versus on-premises solutions, the need for a more self-reliant and integrated cloud governance framework with cost management, and reporting and analytics, is critical.

Due to the rapid pace of cloud adoption, many organisations are now having to deal with the complexity of managing this alongside multiple legacy systems and applications. All too often, there is little visibility of where money is being spent and what’s actually driving value for an organisation. With VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth, Serviceware Financial customers are able to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, and governance in one place through their platform.

Serviceware will help ensure customers benefit from cost optimisation dashboards, recommendations, automation, and governance policies for improved tagging.  It will also provide customers with a powerful, flexible, and adaptive solution, delivering instant transparency, and cohesiveness in project and operational costs, now, and in the future. This comprehensive solution – offering cost planning and forecasting – will build resilience in times of a looming recession and free up budget for innovation initiatives, and, as a result, help to build value for customers and their customers.

Dr. Alexander Becker, COO, Serviceware SE, said: “Enterprise customers profit from VMware’s cloud optimisation as well as from Serviceware’s dedication to help them drive cost optimisation. They can tap into best practices and draw from our expertise to fund their digital transformation initiatives. Looking forward to connect and collaborate!”

Brigitte Orth, director of channel, VMware Germany, said: “From data to dashboard, team Serviceware’s approach to ITFM and Technology Business Management is unique: they exude service excellence in all processes. Multi-cloud customers should expect to cut costs using VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth’s structured data and Serviceware Financials speedy time-to-value and TCO planning and reporting platform.”

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