Growth Acceleration Partners celebrates 15 years as a strategic technology solutions partner

Growth Acceleration Partners celebrates 15 years as a strategic technology solutions partner Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic technology solutions partner, is proudly celebrating 15 years of organic growth as a bootstrapped and woman-owned company  — an extraordinary milestone in the tech industry — thanks to incredible clients, partners, and dedicated teammates.

GAP’s service offerings and client-base have grown exponentially since its founding in 2007, with 15 years of profitable growth and explosive 40% YoY revenue growth in the past fiscal year under the guidance of strong female leadership. 

“GAP has upheld its original vision as an organization where people and values come first, while also adapting to market demand to meet the technology needs of our clients,” says Joyce Durst, CEO and co-founder of GAP. “Our milestones as a company can be attributed to our steadfast commitment to improving the lives of the people around us.”

The company’s services have expanded from quality assurance and data analytics to include high-value and in-demand transformation services to modernize technology and drive business outcomes such as scaling, building resilience, and increasing performance and revenue. GAP also creates an exceptional client experience through a unique project management approach, where specialized resources work as a high-performance team. 

In addition to offering cutting-edge and customized technology solutions, GAP’s strong culture has shaped a work environment rich with opportunities for employees to grow professionally and personally. GAPsters, a name designated for GAP employees, benefit from a vast array of internal programs that promote and foster technical and professional development, mental health initiatives, social activities, affinity groups, and opportunities to engage in different technical projects to avoid burnout. These programs support GAP in sustaining its value of investing in people. 

“It is incredible to see what we have achieved together in 15 years, and GAP continues to prove you can have spectacular success with a culture centered on people and technical excellence,” says Paul Brownell, GAP Chief Technology Officer. “Even with tremendous growth, we have preserved our focus on our purpose and values as we engage in the success of each client and every GAPster.”

Headquartered in Austin since its founding, GAP has expanded to build offices in Costa Rica and Colombia. The company is immersed in community initiatives through its charitable giving initiative, GAP Gives, as a way to live the company purpose and improve the lives of those around GAP. Since its inception in 2021, GAP Gives has contributed over $60,000 to 12 charities in Austin, Costa Rica, and Colombia that focus on pertinent issues such as women and children’s well-being and homelessness. GAP also launched GAP Contigo, an initiative that supports women from low-income backgrounds by sponsoring a six month bootcamp where they learn to code. 

“Giving is an integral part of GAP’s fingerprint,” says CFO Michelle Schwalbach. “We consider our giving as a metric of success as important as revenue.”  

About Growth Acceleration Partners

GAP is a strategic technology solutions partner that provides an exceptional experience in Digital Transformation and the Delivery of Software and Data solutions via our world-class consulting and engineering teams. By building strategic, long-term partnerships, we combine extensive domain knowledge with deep technical expertise to transform your objectives into data and software solutions that drive business outcomes.

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