Velocix unveils new hyperscaling video analytics platform

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Velocix unveils new hyperscaling video analytics platform
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Video streaming supplier Velocix has launched a cloud-native video analytics platform, called Velocix Analytics, designed for pay TV providers.

The platform is built to provide insights into streaming efficiency as well as audience quality of experience and behaviour.

In practice, this means data is collected at each step in the content delivery workflow by tapping into CDNs, origin servers, and ad insertion platforms.

Jim Brickmeier, chief marketing and product officer at Velocix, said: “Data is the essential element that can transform a good video streaming business into a great one. Velocix Analytics reveals a more complete set of data in near real-time, providing video streaming operators with instant access to the information they need to fine tune their services and thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.”

The application will leverage hyperscale cloud technology, allowing it to support massively parallel data requirements that can bring scaling to largescale video streaming providers.

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