Deloitte combines its services with SAP solutions in new ‘boost’ offering

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Deloitte has developed a new offering called ‘boost’, designed to help SAP customers increase the value of their business transformation with the RISE with SAP subscription service.

Boost will combine SAP software with Deloitte’s portfolio of services to bring a streamlined approach to cloud-enabled digital transformation.

The offering will function alongside RISE with SAP, which recently saw upscaled involvement from Google Cloud, to facilitate and support widescale business transformations.

Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global, said: “Deloitte has been on this journey for several years, working with clients to move from a built-to-last mindset to a built-to-evolve posture. Now, through boost, SAP customers have the ability to become disruption-ready organisations faster.”

In addition to accelerated transformation with SAP solutions, boost will support organisations’ ability to extend the impact of their transformation:

Darwin Deano, principal and global SAP offering leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, said: “Transformation should not be a ‘one and done’ project that leaves you with doubts about whether all the work was really worth it and how long the value will last. 

“True transformation should make your organisation more resilient, flexible, and ready for the next unknown disruption. That’s central to the boost vision – to deliver a platform of solutions and services for sustaining and increasing the value of transformation over time.”

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