Cloud 2025: LogicMonitor affirms more accelerated cloud migration post-Covid

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Another day, another study which shows how Covid-19 is accelerating cloud migrations. A new report from cloud monitoring provider LogicMonitor has found that 87% of global IT decision makers see the Covid-19 pandemic as hastening cloud initiatives.

The study, titled Cloud 2025, found that of the 500 decision makers polled, almost three quarters (74%) believed that within five years 95% of all workloads will be in the cloud. In APAC, more than a third (37%) see the cloud hosting almost all workloads by 2022, alongside 35% of US/Canada respondents and 30% polled in the UK.

Alongside this is a natural decline in on-premise workloads. Prior to Covid-19, just over a third (35%) of organisations’ workloads resided on-prem, but this will drop to 22% by 2025. This disparity is shared relatively equally by public cloud – up to 28% from 23% – private cloud (30% from 25%) and hybrid cloud (20% from 17%).

When it came to how organisations are adjusting during the pandemic, three concerns were apparent. Increased use and investment in cloud technologies was the most cited, alongside implementing new collaboration tools, data sharing and VPN access, as well as problem solving for limited access to servers.

The overall picture differs significantly from a similar study LogicMonitor made in 2017. 13% then did not think the shift would ever happen, while 62% of respondents thought it would take five years or more for 95% of workloads to be cloud-based.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of the cloud in large and small enterprises as a vital asset to business operations,” said Tej Radkar, chief product officer at LogicMonitor. “It is clear that organisations are hastening their cloud migration during the crisis, as the cloud is enabling them to operate remotely now while also serving as the foundation for digital transformation and ongoing innovation.”

A report from Telstra earlier this month, which polled more than 120 business leaders across four continents, found 93% of respondents were accelerating the adoption of cloud services. 97% of those polled in Europe and North Asia said cloud was ‘the only option.’

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