Why there is a disconnect between IT on SaaS app deployments


There has been plenty written around the disconnect between line of business and IT around cloud deployments – but what about just IT? According to the latest research from BetterCloud, there is a similar issue afoot between IT executives – CIOs and VPs – and the run of the mill employees.

“On just about every topic, entry-level admins, managers, and senior IT professionals see things through a different (perhaps more accurate) lens than IT executives (VPs and CIOs)”, the report notes.

The study argues that non-executive IT staff are more likely to say their team lacks control over their SaaS applications than the higher ups. 49% of execs polled said they did not have sufficient control, compared to 63% of non-execs. “We believe this data point shows that many non-executive IT staff have a more realistic picture of what’s going on in their own environments than the IT executives they work under,” the report says.

When it comes to visibility over their SaaS applications – in other words, how they are being used – the findings are similar, with 30% of IT execs saying their organisation lacks visibility compared to 47% of IT non-execs. It’s a similar story with budget, with non-executive IT staff 25% more likely to feel as though their IT teams lack budget when compared to their superiors.

Infact, it’s a similar story pretty much across the board; with onboarding (29% of non-execs say new hires lack access to the right SaaS apps compared with 18% of execs), offboarding (31% and 13% respectively), and staffing; 54% of non-execs believe they are understaffed compared with 38% of execs. The only issue where both sides seem to agree is over how the department is perceived; more than two thirds (74% execs, 69% non-execs) believe their IT team gives them a competitive advantage.

“Despite the major hurdles they must overcome, the majority of IT professionals believe they are making a difference,” the report concludes. “Now, the question becomes: What could IT teams do if they were on the same page? If everyone is rowing in the same direction, how much more of an impact could be made?”

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