The hype around cloud computing has been justified, say enterprises


85% of respondents in a Tata Communications survey say that cloud computing had lived up to industry hype in their experience, with 23% saying cloud had exceeded their expectations.

Increased productivity was the most popular benefit according to 69% of those polled, with better access to data (65%) and reductions in costs (63%) also highly cited. 83% of respondents admitted they experienced benefits they weren’t expecting to see.

The report added to the plethora of research confirming cloud computing was being widely used in the enterprise. 97% of respondents overall said their organisation had already adopted cloud, with only 1% saying it wasn’t an important part of their infrastructure. Private remains the most popular use case – 50% of respondents said they had deployed private cloud for between one and three years – while hybrid is certainly on the rise, with one in 10 deploying within the last year.

Almost two third (65%) of respondents said using the cloud had led to increased speed of access to technology, while a similar number (67%) experienced reduced delivery times to clients and partners.

Yet this doesn’t explain the full story. More than half (57%) of respondents admit they have migrated data back in-house from the cloud. Not surprisingly, it’s security and data protection they’re concerned about. Of the application structure in organisations polled, only two in five (39%) apps are ready to move to the cloud – and as a result companies are primarily relying on private cloud.

However 94% said their organisations would be more partial to using hybrid cloud is the connections within publicly-used internet structure could be made more predictable.

“This independent research shows that the cloud has exited the hype cycle and entered the real adoption phase for businesses globally,” said Julie Woods-Moss, CMO at Tata Communications. “It is now a strategic investment and a competitive differentiator.”

You can find the full report (email required) here.

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10 Mar 2015, 12:27 a.m.

There are too many issues with utilizing a 'cloud environment' to work your internet needs.

As with most offers that initially come along - they offer a really decent deal. Before you know it - jacking up the prices a thousand times on you.

It has happened in most cases ... some first offered free, switched to fees, than blasting commercials, then hogging bandwidth, etc.

Companies looking to working with software kept in one single location ( and I don't care how they promote it, you will be asking for trouble in your near future.... ) will only be buying into and accepting even more troubles.

Microsoft itself failed the public miserably all through the years in failing to bring about more adequate operating systems capable of keeping your data, identity, and personal information out of the hands of criminals.

The reason is simple. One company can NOT prevent a hundred million people intent only on hacking into software programs to steal - period.

All the 'antivirus software', 'security software' in the world has never prevented data theft or loss - ever.

Taking your entire company onto a massive so called 'cloud' placed you into two horrible traps:

1. You are forced to rely on those caring for the servers where all that software is based. If they fail to catch something in time - you will lose in big ways.

2. Access to information will never be completely prevented and you are setting your entire company up to criminal access.

You will have to rely on someone else's techs to keep your company running smoothly. Oh, it is all so wonderful now maybe - give it time. It will crash so major some companies will end up shutting their doors - for good.

You will end up relying on programs they alone offer. Sure, you can place a request and hope they will add it to the server for you some time or another, but you are relying on their software and everyone knows what happens to their software - UPDATES!

That's right... those wonderful system crashing updates where their programmers overlook something so important, everything in a system crashes forcing an issue with a waiting period for them to properly correct.

Don't believe it? It will happen, same as many numerous Microsoft updates have done in all their OS's.

One Cloud is NOT the answer for out internet.