CIOs struggling to identify and implement cloud services

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Cloud computing is already cited by CIOs as one of the biggest contributors to IT complexity – now new research released by Trustmarque shows more than four in five CIOs struggle to identify and implement cloud services must suitable for their business.

The complexity of existing IT infrastructure is a problem for moving to the cloud, according to two thirds (66%) of CIOs, while almost three quarters (74%) admitting interdependencies between different IT environments are another barrier for moving IT services to the cloud. (73%) see cloud services as making data governance more complicated.

A similar number (78%) say integrating different cloud services is a challenge, while two thirds (68%) say admit modernising or rearchitecting certain applications will slow their journey to the cloud, according to the research.

It is not just integrating different cloud services which is an issue- the needs of employees also leaves CIOs with headaches. A majority of those polled (79%) said they found a challenge to balance the productivity needs of employees against security threats, particularly with regard to cloud storage tools.

“Selecting and implementing the right cloud services remains a challenge for CIOs,” said James Butler, CTO at Trustmarque. “Many CIOs struggle to understand the differences between the many  cloud options, what these offer them and how to choose – often because of vendor hype and a lack of clarity around the solutions on offer.”

He added: “By assessing the functions that can be moved to the cloud with the least disruption, CIOs can identify the ‘quick cloud wins’ and clearly demonstrate the business value needed to justify more complicated moves that involve transformation. The hybrid approach can be a way of delivering the benefits of cloud to business rapidly, with reduced risk.”

Previous research from Trustmarque, released in October, found that simplifying IT is a priority for  four in five (79%) CIOs, while two thirds (66%) claim cloud was a primary reason for IT complexity, ahead of legacy technology (51%) and software licensing (51%).

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