AWS continues to dominate cloud infrastructure services market


The cloud infrastructure services market continues to grow at a rapid rate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the summit, and latest Q1 data from Synergy Research reveals AWS remains bigger than its four nearest competitors.

The data reveals how the trend of the cloud infrastructure market has been similarly plotted for the past year. AWS was not the fastest growing company during Q115, with only 49% growth, yet retains a larger slice of the market than Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and Google combined. Microsoft keeps its second placed position in the market, with 96% growth in Q1 – the greatest out of all the vendors analysed.

The graph below shows the full extent of AWS’ dominance, and how the map looks similar to the Q114 figures:

Despite AWS’ dominance in the market, it is clear that the company hasn’t rested on its laurels in recent quarters. IBM, and particularly Microsoft, had upped their game in 2014, with Q214 figures detailing how the four challengers had an overall market share greater than Amazon’s.

In January Amazon revealed it was finally siloing its AWS figures from the rest of its financial results. Even though Amazon’s overall financial results saw a $57 million net loss from its first quarter, AWS revenue went up by 50%.

Synergy estimates overall quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues, including IaaS, PaaS, private and hybrid cloud, have now topped the $5 billion mark. John Dinsdale, Synergy chief analyst and research director, noted how while across the cloud spectrum there were six companies capable of market leadership – Cisco was not included in the graphs – in this field AWS remains king.

“On a strict like-for-like basis AWS remains streets ahead of the competition in cloud infrastructure services,” he said, adding: “Furthermore, this part of the cloud market is growing much more rapidly than SaaS or cloud infrastructure hardware and software.”

What do you make of these latest research results?

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