Box vs Dropbox: The tale of the tape [infographic]

Box CEO Aaron Levie might have said that there was no direct rivalry between his company and Dropbox, but as both companies hurtle towards an IPO, it’s difficult not to compare the two.

According to Cromwell Schubarth writing for Biz Journals: “Levie downplays talk of a rivalry between the companies, pointing to questions about which social network would survive in the early days of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Just as those online social networks have all thrived, he has said there is room for a number of online storage and sharing businesses.”

Yet, as many of the hyper vendors muscle into the market – Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft just to name a few – gauging the success of pure play cloud storage firms leads to some interesting conclusions.

Dropbox may have 200m users compared to Box’s 20m, yet the fires were well and truly stoked by Box’s announcement back in January of offering 50GB of free storage for new users. Naturally, this occurred on the same weekend that Dropbox fell over due to a bug on a routine server upgrade.

Dropbox’s lot currently stands at a miserly 2GB, with that number rising to 8GB if you get friends on board and spread the word via social media. The enterprise market is key for both companies, with Box’s acquisition of content access startup dLoop at the end of last year putting this into clearer focus.

This infographic from Computer Science Degree Hub puts all the key facts in place – take a look below. Are you a Box or Dropbox user?

Cloud Storage Battle

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