Cloud management and analytics - finally the IaaS market heats up

zeus1While it is fun to watch the 800 lb Gorilla squash every one, Amazon has to face competition at some point.

Even just for the sake of something to write about! While AWS is fundamentally amazing, it’s now quite a well established and therefore boring facet of the market. It’s far more interesting to explore who might rise to give them serious threat, and how.

My bet is on Google, who else. They’re eating the whole world so why not Cloud hosting, and who does large-scale data centres better? These guys are the ‘Titans of Cloud’, they’re fighting it out on a playing field far above any one else and once they go at it, this will be like a boxing match between Zeus and Odin!

One key point I’ve highlighted to folks about Google IaaS is that in contrast to its other products, like Search, Maps, … etc., their IaaS play is but yet a new born babe, in terms of its product lifecycle point. In short they haven’t even barely revved the engine yet, let alone put the foot down on the highway.

Cloud Management & Analytics

There is also another accelerating fueling this battle, a maturing Cloud market that is growing a value add tool base that makes these services tremendously attractive to enterprise customers.

Once big markets like Government, Healthcare, Finance, Media … etc.  all start biting down hard on Cloud services, rather than just web app developers, then we’ll see the Cloud industry go into second gear.

There’s a blog debate going on at the moment, about IaaS vs PaaS, is right in that it’s not so much about one layer or another, but rather assembling your own cake, sprinkling on whatever combination of modules you need. Amazon offers a whole catalogue of components, which are interesting individually as well as composed into a layer, like PaaS.

One critical category within this catalogue is ‘Cloud Management & Analytics’. I have start organizing the CBPN by ‘Practice Areas’, and this is one of them.

As the perfect introduction to this field and also this rise of Google idea, check out this Linkedin thread and article link from Cloudyn. They are one of these players and their relationship to Google is exactly my point, it is this combination that will unlock the enterprise market, not IaaS alone.

And of course what better way to begin defining this segmentation is to use these tools to make ‘apples for apples’ comparisons between the two. That alone will find a buying market, but as part of sounding the bell to the ‘Battle of the Cloud Gods’, wow, what a great time for tech entrepreneurs…!

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