Research claims UK businesses struggling to cope with cloud boom

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A new research report from cloud identity management provider Okta has revealed that nearly four in five (79%) UK IT decision makers are looking to increase the amount of cloud applications in their company through the coming year.

Yet the report, entitled ‘Identity Management in a Cloud and Mobile World’, also found that data security remains a concern of cloud adoption for seven in 10 organisations.

Not altogether surprisingly, the report from an identity and access management (IAM) firm focuses on how companies are struggling with security and identity in the cloud. Yet there are interesting facts to be pulled out from interviews with more than 200 IT decision makers.

Security was found to be only the second most important driver of IT strategy, polling only 60% of the vote compared to cost reduction (62%). 86% of respondents also believed the adoption of public cloud apps was important to their business.

Yet whilst data security was the most important pain point for IT bods, the next biggest security risks were keeping finances in check (34%), social networking (27%) and database applications (26%).

The research also found that employees were “believed to be accessing” eight cloud apps per month at work, with over a third (37%) accessing apps without the permission of the IT department.

Worryingly, more than half of respondents (59%) said that their employees would do this regardless of any training or warnings they were given.

There were of course many identity-based stats in the research; most interesting of which was the revelation that more than half (57%) of respondents see identity management as more of a priority with the adoption of cloud services. Seven out of 10 (69%) said their identity management tools could do with an improvement.

Speaking to sister site Enterprise AppsTech last month, Okta’s Chris England explained how the problems companies went through with on-premise software – integration of multiple applications – is going to happen again with cloud.

“People buy cloud applications because they need an application to run their business, and when they bought those applications on premise previously, they realised they needed to share data between those two applications, and make sure those applications were accessed and managed security,” England said.

“Those same problems are going to be around in the cloud, people are going to have to make sure they can integrate them with existing data sources, and make sure that only right people access the right information at the right time and that’s fully audited,” he added.

What do you make of the research data?

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