Gartner: Nearly half of enterprises in hybrid cloud by 2017

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Gartner has been gazing into its crystal ball once again, and now the smoke signals have cleared the message is simple: get going with a hybrid cloud solution, because half of big enterprises are going to be deployed by 2017.

The analyst house puts hybrid cloud where the private cloud was in 2010; plenty of companies wanting to get on board, but the actual uptake remains low.

But it’s not going to be available instantly: Gartner recommends chief execs should consider the cloud because of its agility rather than lower costs, a complete change of priority for cloud adoption.

“Virtualisation reduces capital expenses, and standards and automation reduce operational expenses,” noted Thomas Bittman, Gartner VP and distinguished analyst. “However, taking the next step of adding usage metrics, self-service offerings and automated provisioning requires investment in technologies without a significant reduction in operational cost.

“With this in mind, the driving factor for going that next step should primarily be agility,” he added.

Virtualisation is certainly one of the top priorities for CIOs, according to a recent survey from Riverbed Technologies, with half of the 400 CIOs polled admitting server virtualisation was a primary concern for investment.

Yet this latest forecast from Gartner, put together in a report entitled ‘Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud is Next’ puts it into perspective.

In terms of private cloud, the analyst house claims the winners and losers in the market will be determined very swiftly. “Smaller players will likely be acquired or go out of business within the next few years,” a press release notes. With thoughts still on recently departed CSP Nirvanix, this is a stark warning.

“Too often, private cloud projects are started by choosing a technology, but technology itself does not solve the transformational people and process issues,” Bittman said, adding: “It is much better to focus first on an approach to make transformative changes.”

This should sound familiar to CloudTech readers; an article last month from ZapThink urged simply: don’t budget for the cloud – budget for the solution.

Hybrid cloud deployment and strategy has certainly been the hot topic of 2013, yet many thought leaders are advising caution; keep your legacy in there and you’ll be okay. That’s the issue SAP’s Sven Denecken, VP cloud advocated back in July; and it’s also what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stressed when he spoke to CloudTech earlier this week.

But complexity isn’t the order of the day. SAP, in conjunction with Wakefield Research, also released a report which revealed three quarters of hybrid cloud users felt their IT processes were simpler having moved to hybrid.

Regardless, the race is on for deployment and acceptance. What do you make of Gartner’s prediction?

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