Five ways VMware’s vCloud hybrid service takes your data centre to the cloud

VMWare is well known for its virtualization products, so it’s not surprising that it is establishing a presence in the cloud computing world. Its hybrid cloud service, VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service, runs off of vSphere and vCloud.

It’s set up as an Infrastructure as a Service offering, with a hybrid cloud approach that seeks to expand the customer’s existing datacenter, instead of replacing it.

Here are five methods by which the vCloud Hybrid Service takes existing data centres to the cloud.

5. The hybrid approach. Instead of using a completely cloud-based solution, the hybrid server uses existing infrastructure and augments it with cloud-based resources. VMWare offers both dedicated and virtual private clouds for this service.

4. Integration with existing VMware deployment. VMware makes it simple to connect the cloud-based data centre with the physical data centre. The infrastructure used in the cloud is the same as that of a client datacentre that is already using VMware software. However, it’s not a requirement for clients to use this infrastructure if they don’t want VMware running on their machines.

3. Flexibility. One of the main motivations for enterprises to move to the cloud is the promise of flexibility. Instead of requisitioning new servers every time the company has a deployment or needs to develop applications, it can expand its vCloud service to meet demand.

VMware products utilise the most popular Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as many popular enterprise applications.

2. Centralised management. A central management panel makes life easy for the IT department. Instead of administering its on-site datacentre and cloud-based service separately, all administrative tasks can be performed from a single application.

1. Mission critical reliability. VMware has built in several features to its cloud service to keep enterprises up and online. Automated replication mitigates data loss, ongoing monitoring keeps an eye on operations, and built-in redundancy provides backup in the case of physical hardware failure.

VMware cloud enterprise software is a key component of the Virtual Internet Infastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform allowing engineers to rapidly deploy new services and solutions for IT leaders in the UK industry and abroad.  Along with OnApp Xen software,  cloud computing virtual datacentres allow IT Managers to rapidly test new software products and speed up delivery to international markets — all at lower costs.

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