Exploring automation for cloud service providers

In the midst of strong cloud competition coming from many different sources as well as rampant cloud-washing in the market, service providers need to differentiate and add value to their cloud offerings in order to be relevant.

However, differentiation often drives up costs. It’s much cheaper to offer the plain vanilla version of everything, including cloud services.

Sure, customers will pay a premium for things like ongoing compliance, security and service levels, but service providers need to ensure the cost  of differentiation does not outweigh the added value.

automation.pngEnter automation

Automation across the board encompassing servers, networks, databases and applications can help cloud service providers take out costs across their data centre and cloud infrastructure while delivering that value add they need to compete.

There are three key areas that service providers can realize increased agility and cost savings through automation:

  1. Automated provisioning - across the stack from infrastructure to applications and across physical, virtual and cloud environments
  2. Automated continuous compliance - for regulatory  policies (PCI, SOX, HIPAA etc) and security standards
  3. Automated configuration & patching - auditing against policies, automated remediation of any configuration drift and cross platform patching

With across-the-board automation in place, service providers can customise services for customers according to, for example, regulatory compliance, service levels or server configurations, and then automate the request and provisioning of that service across their cloud infrastructure.

Service providers deploying cloud offerings based on a strong foundation of automation are seeing three key benefits:

  1. Reduced costs - eliminating or reducing costly and ineffective manual processes
  2. Reduced risk - enforcing compliance and configuration standards
  3. Improved service deployment - enablement of rapid service provisioning with consistency

A service provider cloud based on strong automation is better for the customer – and better for the service provider’s bottom line.

For more information on BMC Cloud Management for Service Providers, go to: www.bmc.com/cloud/serviceproviders

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