Vapour vs bricks: Why the cloud could be the safest place for your data

By Justin Fielder, Easynet Chief Technology Officer

If I was to suggest businesses move IT services to the cloud to improve security, there’s a strong possibility I would be laughed out of town. Despite businesses clearly seeing the benefits of migrating to the cloud, research shows that, for 61% of European CIOs, security is still the biggest concern when considering such a move.

For many network professionals, there is a clear comfort factor which derives from having a virtual boundary fence built around their network, within which sits corporate data and applications. 45% of IT professionals surveyed by in the US said their biggest cloud security concern is a lack of perimeter defences and/or control of the corporate network.

When we drill down further into the inhibitors to cloud migration, the concerns very specifically relate to the storage of data and ...

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26 Mar 2013, 5:35 p.m.

There has long been a belief that cloud is insecure and in surveys the number one concern of end users is consistently security, closely followed by data protection, both linked you could argue.

Yet despite this cloud solutions grow consistently in adoption and as customers become more cloud committed so their use of cloud becomes an easier choice. That 1st step onto the cloud that I have assisted many clients with is the one that has the most concern, new questions to ask, answers they may not fully understand and vendors all pushing their cloud as the best.

Once they get past this and realise the benefits of a good cloud experience I have found customers far more receptive to their next cloud considered evaluation.

Cloud is not right for everyone for every solution at every time, but what solution has been an all encompassing panacea?

Also all cloud solutions are not borne equal and consideration needs to be taken as to where your data will be stored, where will the secondary and possibly tertiary systems be running, where will the data backup happen, what data jurisdiction is your data legally held under by that vendor and what about data liberation (how easy is it to get your data back out).

All of these are surmountable and with the answers you can start to make an educate choice of whether that cloud provider meets your requirements and comfort level to proceed.

Do not NOT do cloud because of what it is or is called, neither jump onto it as a bandwagon to save money alone. Cloud is here to stay and has a ton of benefits when used right time, right place.

Ian Moyse