5 silver linings of the cloud for SMBs

With the growing cloud computing market, there is potential for small businesses to take advantage of the technology in order to compete better with larger companies. Cloud computing is fantastic for SMBs because it allows you get to maintain complete control but without the expensive financial and staff costs and protects your business from downtime distress.

Silver Lining #1: Cloud Security

Reliable cloud service providers will have a dedicated security system in place, which allows a small business to focus on everything other than data protection.  

You will also be confident in the knowledge that your company has superior online security because your IT systems are hosted by the most up to date cloud infrastructure.

Silver Lining #2: Increased Productivity

Cloud computing is becoming more appealing to SMB’s because they will be able to utilize technical skills that would not usually be available to smaller companies. You will be able to provide more diverse and simpler services as well your original service.

Cloud computing resolves issues such as continually training staff and replacing equipment, which is necessary for staying up to date.   This concern is transferred to the cloud service provider. Your business will then be free to concentrate on customers and business growth.

Silver Lining #3: Increased Scalability

Small businesses can benefit from cloud computing because it is a scalable infrastructure, meaning your business can “scale up” as your need for the cloud service grows and you will only have to pay for what you use. 

Another useful feature of cloud computing is that it allows smaller companies to transition upwards or downwards effortlessly so that employees are unaware of any disruption.

Silver Lining #4: Increased Accessibility

Having your business in the cloud gives you access to lots of industry experts. This allows your smaller organisation to have a competitive edge that would not have been affordable without the cloud. It has made it possible to run email protection and security solutions for companies which did not previously have the funds for to run a solution on an on-premise server.

Silver Lining #5: Reduced Costs

SMBs are able to save costs by implementing the cloud into their IT system.  This is because the cloud eliminates the need for replacing servers every 5 years. AND since the IT equipment is offsite, businesses do not need to pay for IT support staff and upgrades are paid by the cloud service provider.

All of these advantages create equal opportunities for small businesses.

All of these “silver linings” of cloud computing create equal opportunities for SMBs because the technology allows for flexible working from any location and it increases efficiency with the support of technical experts and sales training.

Small businesses are able to use cloud computing to purchase high performing technology which would have normally been only available to large organisations.

These opportunities are being created for SMBs which were once thought too expensive but are now entirely possible.

If you are a small business that wants to find out more about email security in the cloud, click here for more information. 

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