Analysing Google Compute Engine’s integration with RightScale

google_compute_engine_logo1Google Cloud Platform allows the end users to build their website and applications, analyze and store data on the infrastructure powered by Google. 

Google Cloud Platform provides various resources that can be used for specialized purposes. One such resource offered by Google Cloud Platform is Google Compute Engine (GCE) which is an IaaS product. GCE was announced at Google IO by Google in June, 2012.

Google Compute Engine enables any developer or business to use the infrastructure of Google for their applications. GCE possesses several capabilities which make it more economical and easier to use for a wider set of applications. It provides flexible and scalable virtual machine computing capabilities in cloud.  GCE provide you the capability of solving large scale analytic and processing problems on Google’s networking, storage or computing platform. It certainly is a powerful yet cost effective solution focused on workload processing on cloud.

With GCE, you get unparalleled performance on the price that makes you smile because you are only required to pay for what you use. It also uses inbuilt data security and privacy capabilities for protecting your systems from the unauthorized and unwanted accesses.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

Until the evolvement of IAAS, the management of IT infrastructure was completely about negotiating the limits. But IAAS provides an on demand access to the commuting resources, network and storage capacity, automated provisioning and robust portal services in the moat astonishing fashion. IAAS enables you to provision, design and scale your applications and infrastructure as per your changing needs in highly robust, flexible and secure environment.

There are numerous benefits that IAAS offers and these benefits include predictability, flexibility and control, amazing performance, cost effectiveness, enhanced agility, system acquisition bypass etc.

GCE, which is an IAAS product offers RESTful APIs for the management of resources like instances, images and disks. IAAS is an amazing business solution which provides business focused access to the underlying individual services and enables the clients to select the business solutions that are based entirely on their specific business requisites. These solutions can then be rapidly provisioned and managed easily.

Designed for meeting the most demanding requirements, the IAAS helps you to create effectual cloud strategies.

GCE and RightScale Integration

One development that took place recently pertaining to the Google Compute Engine is the integration of Google and RightScale. On 25th February, 2013Google at the Google IO announced that RightScale will be their only reseller and will make the GCE available to the public. This news marks a great milestone in a ongoing and long process. RightScale has been working with Google on their GCE since 2011 and have been continually providing them input on its integration & development.

The RightScale’s integration with the Google Compute Engine can make it simple and faster to use GCE. This integration will provide customers with a comprehensive automation and management for the Google IAAS cloud. The proper cloud management enables the organizations to easily manage and deploy the business critical applications across private, public and hybrid clouds. The RightScale has been providing efficient configuration, automation, monitoring &  governance of cloud computing applications and infrastructure.

The CTO of RightScale, Thorsten von Eicken mentioned that Google is a dominant player in the field of IAAS services, specifically where dynamic resources, reliability and Internet-Scale are required. He also said that their internal tests on GCE and responses from their beta customers reveal that GCE possess an outstandingly consistent performance levels. The integration of their cloud management technology along with professional & support services will provide high quality standards for which the RightScale is known.

With this integration the customers will not only get access to a fast onramp towards GCE but will also be benefitted from the RightScale’s vast experience with cloud and their intimate knowledge pertaining to all the clouds that they support. RightScale believes that the first step towards cloud computing is using the correct infrastructure for the right purpose and this is also their expertise.

This can be lucidly witnessed from the example of GuruMenu which is an organization that helps the retail brands to connect with their consumers on the mobile devices in the real time. RightScale took the job of managing their on boarding and deployment of their location based content on the proprietary marketing platforms through Google Compute Engine and for accelerating their time to market for the new application while providing them the ongoing management capabilities like automation, monitoring and auto scaling.

With the Google Compute Engine and RightScale partnership the customers will get access to yet another cloud provider to choose from. The customers can also benefit from the RightScale’s ecosystem and get support for implementing the business solutions that best support their business requisites for performance, compliance, security, geography and service level.

RightScale enables the GCE customers to access the resilient and proven architectures for scaling and operating in an automated manner for gaining visibility across data centres and for linking to other private & public clouds. RightScale offers prebuilt solution packs and server templates to initially start with them and then the customers can also take advantage of the dynamic configuration with which they can fully automate the operations and provisioning. The customers also get the flexibility to run their workload on the GCE or any other supported cloud which they believe suits best to their requirements.

RightScale provides the customers a way for staging GCE instances after termination or before launch while persisting configuration and monitoring data and also enables you with one-click disaster recovery & testing environment.

Being Google’s strategic partner and reseller,  RightScale is also planning to provide custom made on boarding packages through its world class support and professional services for the customers. They will also offer the tailored solutions created for several industry verticals like entertainment & gaming, media, advertising etc. These industry specific solutions will certainly provide scalability, consistent performance and speed to market which is quite critical for the global applications that are deployed by these verticals.

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