Can your business stay secure in the cloud?

Cloud security is not a paradox!

 “Is cloud computing secure?” A question that has been asked since the dawn of “the cloud” and the answer has been debated many times over. Cloud security has been a long, never-ending discussion and more often than not evidence shows businesses rarely regret taking the plunge into a cloud infrastructure.

Despite the misconception that the cloud is entirely unprotected, there has still been a phenomenal growth in the cloud market in recent years. Forrester Research predicts that the public cloud market will develop from around $40 billion today to $160 billion by 2020.

Nevertheless, moving to cloud computing can be as risky as any major change if you do not understand what the change means for your business.

The risks and issues of cloud computing

Businesses have the same concerns with cloud infrastructure as they do with conventional computing; ensuring that the company’s data is accurate and accessible only to those authorised.

According to 451 research and Cloud Passage, four out of five survey respondents said their companies are using cloud architecture. The research also shows that “78% of cloud users understand that security, in this environment, is their responsibility.”

Another supposed risk is that the data stored in the cloud can be lost, stolen, or damaged, more so than if it were stored elsewhere. However, only 20% of the companies from Cloud Passage’s research “were concerned with the multi-tenancy of cloud infrastructure.”

Trusting your cloud provider

Your company is at further risk from data privacy issues if your cloud infrastructure has not been properly designed by the vendor. Cloud computing presents many security risks to companies who choose to use unreliable cloud providers who do not adhere to the appropriate security regulations.

Datamonitor senior analyst, Vuk Trifković explains that “in the jungle of multi-tenant data, you need to trust the cloud provider that your information will not be exposed.”

Another issue for US companies is that the European Union has legislation which defines a business’ data protection duties. So by storing data with an EU cloud provider, companies in the US must obey the strict European data protection laws.

The bottom line

With the cloud, the rewards definitely outweigh the risks. Recent surveys by various organisations are reporting that companies are progressing from the cloud especially because of the added benefit of increased security.

However, you must do your research before carefully choosing a reliable cloud security vendor. Educating businesses on the risks and rewards of cloud computing is the key to overcoming security fears.

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