How can cloud computing assist the medical sector?

Cloud computing has proven to have its many advantages and now it would seem that it is also helping medical science reduce its costs.

If we take the incredible amounts of data that need to be crunched through for advanced treatment purposes, traditionally it would require a set of interlinked computers, in their thousands, to configure the human genome.

This alone would require thousands and thousands of pieces of equipment to conduct such an experiment whilst it would also take years to formulate the small gains made in mapping a strand of DNA whilst costs would continue to escalate.

Cloud hosting can however reverse this.

The multitude of computers can be in a remote location as well as all the resources, including networked data from other research centres.

Cloud computing would enable the whole process to be a lot cheaper since the medics would only pay for the space and amount of time they have spent during their rather advanced investigations in the medical sphere.

Furthermore, medical trends in 2012 have enabled the public and neurological researchers to directly obtain data through cloud hosting services and market analysts believe that cloud computing will be worth about $5.4 billion (US) in the health sector alone, globally, in about five years’ time.

Additionally, there have been projections stating that provisions would see percentage costs increase by 20.5% per year from 2012 onwards. This clearly indicates that many hospitals are globally embracing the technology.

What’s more, many governments and private health institutions have also stated that they are considering partnering with cloud providers in order to achieve more cost-effective treatment and research.

Cloud computing could therefore benefit the medical sector immensely in due course.

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7 Nov 2012, 5:27 p.m.

There is no doubt about it, cloud computing can absolutely cut costs. I might also highlight that information accessibility is another key advantage that comes with cloud-computing. I wrote a spin off of this article in this blog post which focuses on cloud computing, information accessibility, and the medical sector.

I was inspired to write this blog by the company I work for (DICOM Grid) who offers a cloud-based platform used for sharing, managing, and storing medical images and data. Healthcare organizations who use our cloud-based solution certainly cut costs. Additionally doctors have access to data when they need it.

The medical sector is working towards improving interoperability, having the ability to securely share and access data online and in real-time is critical. Cloud computing makes it possible.