Further evidence of growth in cloud gaming

AMD, a chip designer, is now pushing a lot of money into Ciinow, a cloud based game streaming firm. Ciinow has stated that it will use its AMD Radeon graphics cards due to the fact that AMD is pumping a lot of cash into the firm.

Excitement for Both Parties

This is a joint venture that has excited both companies and with the gaming market expected to reach $81bn by 2016, it’s easy to understand their excitement!

The corporate VP of Heterogeneous Applications and Developer Solutions at AMD, Manju Hegde, has been quoted saying: “Ciinow is on the cutting edge of online game streaming technology, and it’s clear we share the same vision to drive the cloud gaming industry forward and ultimately provide the best gaming experience.”

He went on to add: “AMD’s investment signifies our mutual drive to liberate gamers from today’s constraints and move us to the next era of digital content.”

High Performance

It has been reported that AMD Radeon graphics cards will let Ciinow run its streaming games system with eight streams per server blade and up to 272 HD streams per server rack.

This will therefore yield great concurrent performance for all of its subscribers for HD quality game streaming instantly from the cloud.

The CEO and cofounder of Ciinow, Ron Haberman, has expressed his enthusiasm for this deal: “The combination of Ciinow’s turnkey cloud platforms powered by AMD’s best-in-class GPU hardware makes AMD an ideal technology partner for Ciinow.” In addition, Ciinow has stated that they will be offering a vast range of games, including sought-after AAA titles.

Further Cloud Reach

Additionally, cloud gaming has also now moved into more mainstream markets, in a sense, since the PlayStation Vita will offer access to PlayStation Plus. This service will then allow users access to 1GB of cloud storage for save games. So, this will essentially allow gamers to make use of cloud hosting when saving their game data.

Furthermore, this joint project between AMD and Ciinow further stresses the potential in cloud gaming, which, much like cloud hosting, is a constantly developing industry.

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